Monday, February 25, 2008

Mancat Monday (with Fatty)

Here I am with Fatty, I walked over to Mommy to say hi and she wasn't quick enough to catch my full mancat body in the flash box. - Shadow

I think Shadow is a great mancat! I do whap him sometimes to remind him that us girl kittys are always in charge. - Fatty

Fatty Update:

Fatty has taken to sleepings in the basement in my old cat bed. Mommy Bean puts it down there for her to keep warmer.

Fatty still gets fed in her special bowls and even waits patiently in the mornings for her own stinky goodness which Mommy Bean gives her at the top of the stairs by our door.

Fatty still loves her blankie that Tiki and Tavi gaves her for her Secret Paw gift.

Fatty has been coming in for longer and longer periods of time now. The pictures above show her just after she played with Shadow and right before she rubbed her smells all over the bathrooms.

Fatty still is scared by louds noise and fast movements, maybe thats why she loves Mommy Bean so much - Mommy usually is quiet and doesn't move fast around us kittys.

Mommy Bean gots to hold Fatty the other day whiles she was in the basement. Fatty didn't wants Mommy to puts her down, but Mommy was tryings to get the wash down.

Fatty loves Temtayshuns. She does not like to eats them in the house though. Mommy Bean puts them by her bowl in a special plate so Fatty has them when she wants.



The Crew said...

Well, if we couldn't see your whole Mancat self, at least we can see your great looking tail!

Glad to hear that Fatty is adjusting well.

Daisy said...

Shadow is a good Mancat. I am so glad that Fatty is doing so well, and even lets your mom hold her.

ps: Girl kitties rule!

Scout said...

I am glad Fatty likes being picked up and snuggified!

Tybalt said...

I am so glad to see Fatty again! It sounds like she is getting more and more used to you all. Do you think she'll ever want to stay inside with Shadow?

Mickey said...

It is so nice to see Fatty indoors. I think she is very lucky to have your Mom to look after her :) She is so pretty and has a good friend in Shadow :)
Purrs Mickey

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

We are glad to hear that Fatty is doing well, and spending more time indoors. You have a great mom!

Isis said...

I'm very pleased that Fatty is going well! :) She's certainly a lovely looking kittygirl, even if she's not a gorgeous Abygirl like we are TT! ;)


Parker said...

I'm happy for Fatty! It sounds like she is starting to learn that inside isn't too bad!