Friday, October 2, 2009

Can yoo help or know of help?

Mom here, On Facebook there is a Sanctuary page called PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary from Tennessee. The lady was reaching out to others who can possibly help and in turn so am I. Please take a minute or two to read this letter.

Cat Rescuer Has Incurable Breast Cancer in AL (Please Read & Paw It Furward)
Like most rescuers, I receive all sorts of letters & calls from humans full of excuses, not wanting to solve a problem but just "get rid of" their pets. Below is the the most touching email I have ever received. Please if you can, help this dear woman. (I have agreed to take two...not much but one by one we can home these babies & let this Rescuer rescue herself.)

I will happily drive to AL & fill my jeep up with cats & bring back should they have homes in this area.

If all you can send is a prayer or good thought. Paw it furward.
If all you can send is an email lifting her spirits. Paw it furward.
If all you can send is $5 to help feed her cats. Paw it furward.

All we can do on this earth is help one another. We never know when the next outstretched hand or paw might be our own. Paw it furward.

with much love & hope,

Start of Email:

i am a rescuer. i have 40ish cats/kittens. some tame, some feral or tame only to me. i am 35 miles south of tuscaloosa al. i have a 100 ft by 100 ft outdoor cat enclosure for them with a 14 by 16 wood sided/tin roof building with heat/air cond. furniture, cat trees in it. they also have a primitive tin building with small loft. alot of the grass is dead so they are in wet dirt when it is wet which i hate. they also have a ramp into a cat door into a bedroom of my doublewide trlr they can come into. i also have about 16 in the house and my hubby is fussing b/c i can not keep it clean.

i love all my cats. i have placed into rescues and/or perm homes over 60 since dec. 08 when i found out i have incurable breast cancer with bone mets.

i am physically unable to pick up litter or bags of cat food over 10 lbs. these eat 4 18lb bags of purina a wk plus can food daily. i used to have to buy 8 bags a wk. i no longer have the money for too much b/c of my medicine and medical bills. when i get into chemo at some point i will be unable to handle all the cats and litter boxes. i use throw away boxes for litter now so i can trash and put out new ones daily. is there anyway you can make room for some of my cats? they are spayed/neutered and had their shots. i worry daily about them.

i can provide at least $100. a month towards their care and if i die will have some of the insurance money sent your way. i have no idea how long i have. i love the fact yours have cat areas and are not caged. here is a site with pics of some enclosures. thank you so much and hope you can help me in some way. i am very nervous and anxious b/c of the cancer and the unsure future of my cats. Donna Goss 205-239-4498 cell

i am on the board of a new small shelter here but they have no luck placing kitties but the pups/dogs all get into rescues. i also have been on other rescues boards. i am not a hoarder but had less than 10 cats when i met a woman who traps ferals or tame and pens them and they get no socializing and end up feral and then she eventually kills them when its time to spay/neuter. i for the last 3 yrs or so brought many she caught here to get them out of that situation, she has no heat/air for them. some have lived in carriers or traps. i move her tame babies as i can but now since i am sick i can no longer help them get away from her. thanks for your time. i hope you can help. Donna
End of Email:

Contact: Donna Goss
(35 miles south of tuscaloosa al)
CELL: 205-239-4498


"Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight."
~ Albert Schweitzer

Rita Wood, Founder
PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary
POB 447 Somerville TN 38068


The Creek Cats said...

Bless heart! Sure hope someone is able to help this woman and her cats. What a bad situation. We helped spread the work on FB.

Daisy said...

Oh, that just about broke my heart. I am going to look for the page on FB.

The Creek Cats said...

Oh noes! Sorry our link wouldn't work for you! Keep trying and maybe you will be able to get it to work. Bummer!!
Well, the kitties are entered into our toy giveaway!

LC, Ayla, and Iza said...

We are sorry, but we think there is sometimes a time when Beins should stop collecting more cats than they can care for right. Sometimes Mother Nature has to rule...

Lucy the Cat said...

I just wanted to thank you for your kind comments about Bucky. :)