Thursday, April 3, 2008

T 13 #17

I figures since our Thursday 13 is always about US I woulds do one that featured mommy bean.

13 Things about Mommy Bean

  1. She was borned in Georgia but only lived there for 6 years.
  2. Mommy Bean has traveled to Canada, England, Wales, Scotland and Jersey Island (one of the UK Channel Islands)
  3. I woulds has lost Mom Bean last summer cuz of a severe metal monster accident. The metal monster didn't survive but mom did (THANKFULLY). She saids she flipped her machine end to end, rolled it d0wns some hill and then when it stopped on its round things, it caught fire. She only has a scar on her right paw to show that it happened (and a video of the machine).
  4. Mom Bean has two kid beans - 14 and 7 years old.
  5. Mommy Bean has a disease called Diabetes, she has hads it for over 31 years.
  6. She has liveds in California, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Connecticut and now we all lives here in Masshole .... what? Mom but thats whats you calls them here isn't it? Ok we lives in Massachusetts.
  7. She hads a 3 legged woofie named Lady Jane when she was a teenager.
  8. Mommy Bean says she used to raise chickens and it was fun! Can you imagines all the fev-ver toys you coulds has with those?
  9. She has a tank of fishies in the other room. The fish include assorted tetras, mollies, glass fish, hatchet fish, guppies, 2 keyhole cichlid, a pleco and an elephant nose fish.
  10. Mommy Bean never gets mad at us kittys, even if we do yack on her pillow. (Sorry Mommy!)
  11. Mom Bean has single handedly turned the Big Male Bean from a non cat lover to being able to like us really well! (With OURS help of course.)
  12. Moms real life sister has a blog with kittys too!
  13. We all has Mom bean addicted to bloggings kitty style. Sometimes she finds herself saying stuff like Spot 13 or other kitty code words! I's so embarreseds!!!


Dragonheart & Merlin said...

That's a wonderful list about your mom! We are glad she survived that horrible accident. How scary!

Our humans use kitty words sometimes too, like PTU and woofie. It's very embarrassing.

Karen Jo said...

I love your Thursday 13 about your Mom. I am so glad that she survived her horrible accident. I find myself thinking in kitty words sometimes.

Adan*Michico said...

Oah TT,
I am so glad your mommy is ok now~!
I love this 13, so I back to see you wearing that sweater video again to see you and your mommy~!
You really love her so so so much :>
She is a great beautiful lady and loves you, you are really luck to have each other!!

Parker said...

Your Mommy sounds wonderful! And my Mommy has diabetes too - but she's had it for four years...
She turned my Daddy into a "cat guy." (With our help too :))

Ramses said...

I fink your Mom's sister has got Tigmut'hep living with her! Surely there can't be two like him around?! ;)

My Mummy was hurted bad in a car accident over 7 yrs ago now, you're right to call them metal monsters!


TT said...

Ramses, I am sure Trouble (Aunties Kitty and Molly & Shadows kit) are just abouts the same - cept he isn't really grouchy YET.

Tybalt said...

My mommy says she KNEW she liked your mommy!

That was scary about the car accident. I'm glad your mommy is ok! And great job on getting the daddy to like kitties! We are the first kitties Almost Dad has ever known, and now he's all about us felines!

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Our Momma was born in Georgia, too.
That was almost 65 years ago! She never left, tho.
We think we like Georgia because so many of our furiends have so much snow.

~ That Gracie

Daisy said...

Your mom sounds nice! That was an interesting list, because I like learning about other cats' moms. That sounds like a very terrible and scairty car accident she had.

One time my Mommie said to my Daddie "My back is a little hurty" Hahahahaha!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Ooo, we'z glad yoor mom din't gets hurt bad by dat metal monster akseedent! Our mom sometimes sez "kitty blog" things to other beans too, den she laffs and sez "if you read my blog you'd unnerstand".

Mickey said...

That was a great T13 TT!!! It is so nice to learn about your Mom.I'm glad she turned Hebean into a cat lover ,heehee
Good thing your Mom is OK after a scary accident!! She sounds like the kind of Mom everycat would want :)
Purrs Mickey

PeeEss: I like your Aunties blog!!!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Our mom was in that same kind of accident twenty years ago 'cept the masheen didn't catch fire ... it didn't land on its wheels (it landed on its roof) ... an' Mom wasn't driving (she was the passenger). Mom got a scar on the side of her right hand that's just about disappeared an' she broke her glasses. It sure is a relief that our moms survived.

Oh, an' Mom does the same (#13) ... Hee, hee!