Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tattle Tail Tuesday

Oh kittys what's can I say? Mommy Bean has had to rest a lots and the big male bean won'ts help me blog. I will catch up with everyones blog today though, I missed reading them!!

First of all let me tell you, Mommy Bean came home Sunday smelling like a woofie. A baby woofie to be zact. She saids it was one of these types of woofies:

She didn'ts get the one they's were looking at even though he was happy to play with Mommy Bean. She said's she worried about why his eyes were runny and red. So she did not brings him home. So I guess that means we's getting a woofie here soon. YIKES!!

Kittys how did you handle a baby woofie coming to live with you? Did the mom and dad bean help you adjust? Was it hard for you to accept the woofie?

Then after all that news, she trieds to convince me that THIS was not an alien in her belly. Oh really? Why then, when I was layings on her belly all stretched out and comfy, did that alien kick me and made me jumps off all scairt in a hurry? Tamra's right, we must be vigilant when it comes to seeking these things out!!


Isis said...

Your getting a woofie as well as an alien?! On my I'm not sure I'd cope well with that... Then again you could get him a cute outfit like the woofie on Skeezix bloggy page is wearing today! :) The I think you'll have lots and lots of fun with your new woofie!!!!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Wow, TT, are you going to have a human kitten joining your family soon? And a little woofie? We think it might not be a good idea to bring so many changes into your life at once. Once you've adapted to the human kitten, whenever it makes an appearance, then maybe think about getting a woofie. But too many changes at once might not be food for you.

Anonymous said...

Mom says those are Boston Terriers, and loves the little Black & White!! She loves all puppies but has a special affinity for Pekes, Pugs, Boston Terriers and Labs. We don't know how the Lab made it on the sort list either!

We agree with Dragonheart & Merlin. Too many changes at once could be very stressful.

Parker said...

A woofie and an alien! Goodness, life's gonna' be different. the good news about a woofie is that you can train them to be your servant. At least that's what I did!

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

To me they BOTH look like aliens!! Of course the only woofie I met lives next door and is a tiny ball of fluff. I think these woofies are super cute and might be actually fun!


Tybalt said...

OH MY PAWS AND WHISKERS! You are getting a baby blurpy thing AND a doggie?

Well, I have no personal experience with baby blurpies . . . mommy keeps saying she wants to have one in the next few years, but I am hoping she changes her mind . . . after all, I am all the baby she needs! However, I can help a bit with doggies. All three of us kitties came after the first doggie, Loki, so we have never had a baby doggie just introduced to us out of the blue. However, our crazy doggie sister Dana came after the Tortie Twins. Granted, the twins are doggie-lovin' kitties, but Dana's spastic and forceful love took even them a little while to get used to. My advice is to introduce the doggie slowly, just like you would with a new kitty (if at all possible). And, of course, make sure the doggie knows that the kitties are boss. Loki had to be reminded of that when he got the twins for sisters.

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR MOMBEAN! My mommy is SUPER excited about the news.

Artsy Catsy said...

TT, we saw you on the Cat Blogosphere and came right over. Your house sounds like ours, full of woofies and aliens and things, and we're looking forward to commiserating with you!

& everykitty at Artsy Catsy

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We think dat looks a lot like an alien! Mom assures us dat is what da baby beans look like when dey is inside, so we hafta take her word fur it. Baby beans can be fun...woofies, not so much. Dey take an awful lot of training.

The Meezers said...

yep, it's a alien alright!! YIKES!!!

Daisy said...

WHOA! A baby puppy and a babybean! That's a lot of excitement. Congratulations!

ps: Please tell the littlebean girl that I was so happy to read her comment in my Chatbox, and I feel proud inside that she likes my blog.

Mickey said...

Gee TT, I have never lives with a dog before so I cannot give you any helpful advice. I cannot advise you on aliens either! heeheehee
Just remind your Mom to love you first ;)
Purrs Mickey

Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...

An alien and a woofie? You deserve extra treats and toys for having to put up with all of that!

Criz Lai said...

Hmmm... those eyes do look alien to me but the alien is cute too. I guessed there is no harm trying to stay with one provided they don't bite :P