Friday, September 19, 2008

Meow like a Pirate Day

Ahoy Kittys! It be I Molly wif our pirate names!

~ Molly ~
Bloody Mary Bonney

~ Shadow ~
Black Sam Rackham

That mutt dog be now

~ I is Jake ~
Captain William Bonney

Avast! How did that mutt get t' be Captain? There be no mutts that be Captain on a kitty ship! Arrrgh! Mutiny! We be off to sail wif Captain Jack, Sir Dante and cabin boy Fagin! Arrrr!


Parker said...

Yo Ho Ho, no doggies as Captains, you are right!
Now where's me bottle of rum? Arrrrr...

Anonymous said...

Mutiny? Already? It's the first day at sea!

Isis said...

I hope i will get to sail along side all of you!

Brownie said...

Squee-arg! I gonna sail wif yoo, we're gonna eat fish, but the best of all, we're gonna haf fun!

Sweet Praline said...

You can come and sail with me. I am Captain Jenny of the High Seas!

DEBRA said...

Ahoy mateys!!
Happy Pirate Day!!


Jimmy Joe said...

Yarrr, mateys, it be no day for a sea-dog for a cap'n. Yo-ho, all for the Black Furball!
Yer buddy, Grog-master Jim

Alasandra said...

Here we are!!!!! We aren't getting to do much visiting today, we really do need to look into making the beans walk the plank, they are behaving most unsatisfactorily. ~S,S & C

Eric and Flynn said...

Garrr yer Cap'n is a young upstart to be sure. Tis a kitty's job to be Cap'n and a woofie's to swab the poop deck.
Yohoho where's our bottle of rum.

Anonymous said...

Ohh there iz some scary names!!
Are you going to the poop deck too!!
Haha I lovez that word "poop" deck... :P

The Island Cats said...

Make the mutt walk the plank! Arrrrr!

Happy Pirate Day!

Mad Redbeard Wally, Black Neck Snapper Ernie & Bloody Mistress of Death Zoey

Kimo and Sabi said...

Mutts on a kitty ship?! Have 'em swab da poop deck!

Mickey said...

Har,har,har!!! That Jake is a captain in his dreams!!!!
Cats Rule!!!!! Avast mateys!!!!!!


Pirate Mick the sword Test Dummy
Pegleg Bessie Backstabber
Smugglin Shakira Hawkins

Southbay Girl said...

Hi molly, Shadow and Mom thanks for such kind caring words for Winton!!

Kodak, Winton, 3 Perf, Blossom and mom

Dennis the Vizsla said...