Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Attention Alien Blurpy

Attention Alien Blurpy

Now we know that yoo are fairly new to the household so yoo do not know the rules yet.
  1. When we are napping yoo are to be quiet. If yoo can not manage to be quiet yoo must keep the roar down to a low tone.
  2. Your soft blankets are my soft blankets. When yoo are not using them expect me to lay on them and cover them with my furs.
  3. Although your sleep spot looks comfy, rest assured I will not sleep there - yet.
  4. Sometimes yoo smell good, sometimes yoo smell like what came out of Shadows butt. I do not like that smell therefore I suggest, NO I am telling yoo, yoo must not smell stinky.
  5. When yoo get older and are able to grab at us, be prepared to be hissed at. We do not like to be pulled or held down. And dare I say, the bitey may be put forth too!
  6. When yoo eat what the mom or big male bean eats, yoo is expected to give us some of that too, but only the good stuff.
There are more rules but cuz yoo is young we will go over the rest of them later. And oh, just cuz yoo is this cute
does not mean we will let yoo get away with any of our rules.

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Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh yeah, yoo gotta start da training early...

Mickey said...

What Zippy and those guys said!!!!
It is important to know the rules!! After all,you were there first!
She is mighty cute though ;)
Purrs Mickey

Anonymous said...

Haha you should mind control yourmomma to make her make a BIg sign. They are great rules, especially the stinky one!
You know I would allow for a little bit of breakage, I mean the blurpy is totally adorable, you know for a human blurpy and all ;)

Sweet Praline said...

That's it! Teach them early!

Furkidsmom said...

You are smart to get those rules written down!!!

Your Blurpy is pretty cute though :)

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Karen Jo said...

Yes, start training the alien blurpy early. I think some of those rules might get broken a bit, though, just because the blurpy is so new. She sure is cute.

Dragonheart and Merlin said...

Those are excellent rules. The little blurpy is very cute!

Thank you so much for celebrating my first birthday with me yesterday! I really appreciate it! - Merlin

Isis said...

Very wise to teach the bean kitten early! I have to admit it's one very cute bean kitten though... :)


Anonymous said...

You have to stick to your rules! Give 'em an inch and they'll take a mile ... ;-)

The Furry Kids said...

Those seem like reasonable rules.

Liss said...

That's a big fish and a cute baby ;)

The Crew said...

Those rule are very similar to mine, although I listed all mine at once to more easily present them when needed. I suggest you complete your list and have someone read the rules to your alien blurpy before it tries to take over!!