Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday 13 # 27 with I is Jake

::springs in my feet:: ::springs in my feet::

I get to do a T13 but I don't know what it is really. I had to have mom go back and see when one was done - all the way back in July! So I's very excited to do this.

::springs in my feet:: ::springs in my feet::

13 of my favorite things by I is Jake

::springs in my feet:: ::springs in my feet::

  1. MY BED. I usually go to sleep at night about 8pm. Mom calls me the "old man" acuz I sleep so early.
  2. FOOD! And it's even better when it's from mom's dinner or lunch or snack ororororororor - ALL THE TIME! She gives the best foods.
  3. Getting to sleep on mom and dads bed. They don't let me do this much. But when they do, I snore so happily. Mom says I sound as bad as dad! YAY !!!
  4. Smack the butt game. You do not know how fun this is! Dad does it better though acuz he wil lay on the floor to play this with me, mom will stand and play which isn't as much fun! (Mom's note: He does enjoy this odd game and he will keep coming back to play it more.)
  5. SHOES! Mom gave me two of her old shoes and they go with me every where. Sometimes I try to sneak and play with dad's but I usually get yelled at for it, I guess he doesnt want me to chew on his shoes?
  6. TREATS! I get lots and lots of treats!! When I pee I get a treat, when I poop I get a treat, when I look cute I get a treat ... and I has figured out how to get more without actually peeing or pooping - you FAKE going! heh heh It works too!!!
  7. GOING FOR WALKS! I am learning very well how to walk with a leash. Dad had a hard time learning how to walk with me, but I think I has him trained now.
  8. GO for a RIDE! That's where I get to sit in the metal machine and go places with Dad, sometimes mom too. I like to stick my head near the window and let the wind blow on me but not too much, it makes my eyes dry out.
  9. MOLLY and SHADOW! They play withs me alot! I like when I bark and then they chase me and then I chase them. Shadow even bats me wif his paw, which scares me but I know he doesn't put the claw of doom out like Molly tries.
  10. WATCHIN out the WINDOW! I do this acuz the beans are right there and I hears them and of course I so want to join in the fun. Lately mom hasn't taken me with her in the mornings as we used to when the girl goes on the yellow metal machine.
  11. My stuffed LAMB TOY! OH It was love at first bite! The lamb even squeaks when I grabs it.
    ::springs in my feet:: ::springs in my feet::
  13. mom and dad's BLANKET! They try to hide it from me, they even stuffed it in the bed so I can't pull it out. But I has learned to pull that warm comfyness out from the corners of the bed and lay on it on the floor. It takes me a long while but I manage to get it done!
I's done now mom?

::springs in my feet:: ::springs in my feet::


Eric and Flynn said...

Hi Jake, that sounds very clever getting the blanket out of your Beans bed. Do you know what? I (Flynn)like the smack the butt game too. Mum thinks I'm weird, but I like to lie on the cat tree and dad keeps smacking my butt. It makes me very excited and sometimes I haf to bite, and I purr very loud.
Eric: I don't think that digging furr kitty poop is a good idea though.You wouldn't want to sniff Flynn's.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello jake its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that is kwite a list yoo sownd like a fun fun fun dog we must hang owt sum time!!!!! ok bye

Anonymous said...

haha Jake momma always needs a nap afetr reading your stories, you is just such an energetic little guy!!
They are some funny favorites!!
Especially the smack butt game :)
You shall has to demonstrate one day!

Tybalt said...

JAKE!!!! Are you coming to the party to DANCEDANCEDANCE?!?!?!?!

Your alien blurpy thing is CUTECUTECUTE!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I should get an alien blurpy thing but I don't really know how maybe mommy knows and if I ask she will go out and get me one so I can PLAYPLAYPLAY with it!


Alasandra said...

Food is always good. ~S,S&C

Daisy said...

Jake, you sure have some fun things to do! The only one I do not think is very fun is the kitty poops. That stuff is supposed to stay buried!

The Crew said...

Jake, listen to me!!! Stand still for a second, OK? Breathe, breathe...that's it. try to calm down, dude. Take a cue from the cats and you live with and restrain yourself.

Aoise said...

You are one busy little guy. I am feeling tired just reading all about you !

Mickey said...

Um,Jake... maybe you should stick to the treats and your Mom's food!!!!!
I really don't think kitty poops are the best thing for you! :o
Does going for walks get you tired and ready for naps? Maybe that is why you go to bed so early! heeheehee
Purrs Mickey

Georgia says Hi Shadow :)

Lux said...

You sure are enthusiastic about things, aren't you? :)

Those are some fun things, Jake.

Thanks to Molly and Shadow for coming to my housetrashing party!

Sweet Praline said...

That's funny. Just whose butt is getting smacked?

michico*Adan said...

You are such a cute cute cute cute one~~~ Jake~~~~ You are making me smile all the way~~~~~~

I have given you an award~!
Please come and see!

Dragonheart and Merlin said...

Jake, we think you should stay away from the kitty poops!

Karen Jo said...

You do get excited, don't you, Jake? Those are all great things to like, except for the kitty poops. I really think you should leave those alone.