Friday, October 31, 2008

Tales on Friday

(I is Jake says he is still tryin to get the mom to get him his own blog, we aren't sure if its goin to happen. We are goin to skip Frootbat Friday in honor of it being Halloween and to finish our tales.)

Yoo may remember dat when TT went to da bridge this year, the mom thought she kept seeing her. That continued to happen a lot actually. A shadow of a cat sitting in TT's favorite fresh air seats, or a feeling dat TT was sleepin above her head on her favorite pillows. Once even the mom thought she was still there, on da head board lookin out (just like her last video showed). This magik continued until just recently, when The Introoder came to lives wif us. The mom says, although it was great to has TT here wif here, in da after life, it is better to has TT go and play and wait fer her, when it is the mom's time to go.

The mom is sentimental and so for like a month after Fatty was helped to da bridge, she left her food bowls and the blanket on the stairs outside our door. It tugged at the mom's heart to has to admit that Fatty was gone too. So she gathered the bowls up and threw dem out (acuz if Fatty did has da aids then it was best to not infect other kittys), yet Fatty's bloo blanket dat Tiki sent last Christmas was on da stairs.

Now, the big male bean, had asked the mom if she had seen a cat in da basement. It wudn't has been odd acuz yoo know the mom and the neighbor beans has a soft spot fer da homeless kittys. The mom wud go down to the basement to do wash but not see any fing. So finally a few weeks ago the mom picked up Fattys blanket from da stairs and washed it. She has left it on top of the dryer, "just cuz".

Well since then, she has been seein dark shadows in da basement. She asked da neighbor if they had let a cat in and they hasn't but perhaps sum bean visitin did ya never know. Well it freaked the mom out when she saw movement to where Fatty used to sleep. She is not sure still if Fatty is still around or not. But if the movement is there the next time, she is goin to tell Fatty to go play wif the other kittys at da bridge. She hopes dat cures the basement of the shadows.

Free Halloween Greetings


Dana said...

We are sorry that we never got to meet TT and Fatty, we came to the blogosphere after they had already gone to the bridge.
We hope you guys have a great and happy Halloween!!!
~The Creek Cats and Maggie May~

Anonymous said...

That was a little bit spooky and sad. We do hope you have a Happy Halloween.

Lux said...

I'm thinking lots of good thoughts for Fatty. Happy Halloween to all of you!

The Meowers from Missouri said...

yup, we believes that it's purrfectly possible there is kitties who hangs around until their mommies an' daddies (an' ofurr furriends) realize that they are ready fur them to go--or until they themselfs are ready to go. we bet fatty will am-scray if yer mom tells him it's OK to go play now.

just in case, though, maybe yer mom should put out an ofrenda (see our bloggie tomorrow). the foods is only used spiritually by the returnees, an' if some hungry, lonely kitty drinks the water an' eats the food, well . . . that would be a double blessing. maybe fatty or TT is the one who leads them there.

nelson's ofrenda is just virtual acause we knows he's gone. he came to mom in a dream that very night to show her his new, healthy body an' to let her hold him close (which he hardly efur did), so she knows all's well. we knows it's furry hard to not be sad, but while she worked on the picture, she said she felt happier. maybe that's the point of the whole thing; we dunno. but it seems to have worked that way for her.

we has a bean in our house like that who just won't leave. we sees miss annie alla time (an' wishes she wouldn't smoke those stinky cigarettes), but mom an' dad only hear her once inna while.

happy meowloween, furriends, an' keep yer mom extra company tonight!

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Sometimes Momma sees the ones before us.
Happy Halloween!!
~ Napoleon and The Bunch

The Island Cats said...

Okay, that was spooky! Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!

Forever Foster said...

When our mum was younger, her brother had a beautiful blue budgie named Beau. Mum wasn't well for a while and had to do her school at home. Beau used to keep her company, and wander around the table looking at what she was doing. He was a good friend to mum.

He went to the Bridge a couple of years ago. However, mum sometimes thinks that she can see him, especially at times when she is feeling stressed or nervous. He is a comfort.

We think it would help if your mum did tell Fatty it was fine for him to go and have fun at the Bridge.

Happy Halloween!:)

Anonymous said...

Just coz we kittehs and for that matter Hommans leave this world it does not meanz we stop caring.
It is very very impawtant for us to know that you will be ok before we leave or for you to tell us, we never stops loving you.
I think they is such wonderful wonderful stories, I hope you do even feel fatty there and are able to say thankyou but I will be ok and I would be more happy if you moved on and are happy :))


Kimo and Sabi said...

Happy Halloween!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

After our Pooh Bear went away (almost a year now), I kept thinking I saw her or heard her collar jingling for months afterwards. (It wasn't Trouble, either, because she can't be bothered to get out of her cat cup!)

Dannan and The Girl said...

oh, fatty and TT, run and play at the bridge. your mom will be along when it's her time, and you can watch over her and your fur-sibs from there.

brown dog kisses,