Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stork hunting AND Thursday 13 #14

Shadow is now part of Ramses' Stork Hunting Squad. This badge proves this and I hopes he gets lots of fev - vers out of it!

I's been inspired by one of Dragonheart and Merlins old Thursday 13 entries.

13 Things about my Abyssinian Breed

  1. Abyssinian cats are also called Aby's.
  2. Abyssinian's are suppose to be one of the oldest breeds of cat.
  3. In the late 1800's the first Aby cat was exhibited in a show.
  4. In the early 1900's Aby's were first imported to North America.
  5. During WW 2 many of our English Aby cousin cats were lost, leaving the American Aby's breed more predominant in the world.
  6. It is widely believed that Aby's were the cats depicted on the ancient tombs of the Pharaohs.
  7. Abyssinian cats come in 4 colors - Ruddy (my color), Red or Sorrel (Ramses color), Blue, and Fawn.
  8. Aby's are very active cats. We's can make a mess in a hurry! hehe
  9. We Aby's do better in a house of 3 or less cats. Anymore and we become depressed due to lack of attention.
  10. We Aby's are loyal, intelligent, and affectionate.
  11. Abyssinians were introduced into England around the same time British soldiers were returning from the war in Abyssinia (now known as Ethiopia).
  12. Aby's love water (but not me thank you).
  13. They say that Aby's can run in circles vertically. (Mommy Bean says I's not done this yet.)


michico*Adan said...

Aby's are really beautiful.
Not very easy to buy one here. But I am glad I have a friend like you is a Aby's.
I could see you everyday. Thanks for let me know more about Aby's.

Parker said...

Mommy knew a red Aby back in Kansas City. She was very sweet and her name was Flicker!

Anonymous said...

We like you even if you haven't run in circles vertically.

Ramses said...

Lovely facts TT, but Abys can come in 28 different colours! Check out and see for yourself... You're right though we come in 4 Championship colours, plus Chocolate and it's dilute colour Lilac as well as sex linked Red (not sorrel, they have no white on their chins) and the dilute of that which is Cream (hard to tell from a fawn to look at, but genetically very different). There's also silver and silver based versions of all the normal colours and finally there is a rare torbie version with patches of differently coloured ticking, possible in any and all colours!

One more interesting fact, there were only 325 Aby kittens born in the UK last year, so we're mighty special! :) UK Aby numbers are going up slowly but surely each year though... :)

PS: I've got video of Isis kittens moving! :)

Daisy said...

I think Abyssinians are a very beautiful and special breed. And so athletic!

Princess said...

You are a cool kitty and you have some very special attributes.
I enjoyed this.
I like water but not getting in it... just standing at the edge of the shower is pretty fun!

Mickey said...

TT,those were great facts! I believe #8. I also like your furs.They are different than other cats furs :) Very pretty.
I can't wait for you to try #13!!
Purrs Mickey

Scout said...

That was good to learn about Abys! Mommy has always wanted one.

Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

Cool stuff about Aby's. We didn't know anything about that.

Congrats to Shadow fer becomin a member of the Stork Huntin Squad!

Tybalt said...

How interesting! Abyssinians are gorgeous kitties. (Just like you, TT!)

snowforest said...

What a wonderful breed of kitties ~ very purretty :)
Purrs from the SnowForest family :)