Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I'm new here, here being my new home.

You see, I had a rough life.

My human mommy found me in the parking lot of a mall (thats what she calls it).

I was friendly to her and she scooped me up and took me home.

She placed me in the bathroom so I could settle in. (The other two cats that live here kept bugging me.)

I didn't know if mommy was going to keep me but I knew that she had good food and a warm dry place for me to sleep.

I hid alot in the plastic box they put in there for me. It was warm and quiet.

For awhile I couldn't hear clearly so mommy kept putting this icky stuff into my ears. That stuff made my ears all squishy sounding but I can finally hear better now.

The kids here call me "new kitty", mommy called me "baby" for awhile, but finally the name that stuck was TT. I heard the big man here call me that saying it was short for "table troll". Whats a troll? Mommy makes it sound better though when she says TT Girl.

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