Monday, June 18, 2007

OCC cat?

It's a routine.

I do it every time I get fed.

It really is simple, yet that big man here calls me the OCC cat.

I heard mommy say it was obb sessive com pul sive cat?

I can't help myself though.

I hears the alarm clock in the morning and wait by mommys door.

I meows real loud, walk under the table, around my scratch box, under the two chairs and in front of the door.

If mommy doesn't get ups quick enough I dos this again and again.

It works though, mommy always feeds me my yummys!

~~~ Please go wish Pippy a speedy recovery, he is a very sick kitty. ~~~


Scout said...

Momy sez i has Oh see D.....

WhatEvEr..... I am a SiaMeseasel/ aNd it is mY NayTure. GeT over It.

Daisy said...

Hi there TT! Nice to meet you. You seem like a very great cat. I added you to my links, too!

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

As long as you wait until you hear the alarm, they really shouldn't complain.

You're just making sure they don't oversleep!