Thursday, June 7, 2007

mommy love

I love my mommy.

I show her my love all the time.

It of course is always different ways that I leave my love. Sometimes I leave a pile of yack under the table as a sign of my love. hehe But the real sign is when I sit on her lap and poke my claws into her. I am so into showing her my love at those times! Mommy says I have needle sharp claws.

I do not like anyone touching my feets. So when mommy tried to cut my claws once, I swiped at her. Mommy says its cuz she thinks I was abused. I'm not sure what abused means but I just know I don't like my feets touched at all.

1 comment:

Scout said...

I AddEd U 2 miNe 2.

I am SkiDDish 2 bcuz i wuS abuSED b4 Momy toOk me hoMe. SoRRy becuzthat is HaRd.