Wednesday, June 6, 2007

To eat or not to eat

I like food alot!

I eat it so fast though because I'm afraid that some other cat will take it from me.

This has caused a problem for me and I get sick.

Mommy keeps buying me different foods.

She thought that because I kept yacking up that dry food was bad for me. So she keeps giving me different wet mushy food, which I love. Some of them are great tasting, others not so yummy. The not so yummy ones get a yack or two on the floor under the table.

Sometimes I even yack on her new white chairs at the table. Thats even funnier to watch her face when she spies that one. hehe I noticed she has put towels on all the chairs so I guess it isn't so funny for her or the others that sit down at the table.

I was a bad kitty the other week, so mommy says. She clicked her tongue at me when she saw that I had used the new kitchen table as a place to sharpen my claws. I thought that the big male guy was going to blow up with how red faced he got. A girl's gotta keep her claws sharp ya know? hehe

Mommy has since gotten me a scratching post. It's this weird "cardboard" thing that I get to rip to shreds! The other two cats have decided, even though they have a fancy big post in the living room, to try out MY scratching pad. I don't mind the big hunky guy scratches my pad but that other female, I don't like her!!

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