Sunday, October 14, 2007

Easy like Sunday Morning & TT's vet trip

It's Sundays and we's all are relaxings.

This woulds be Molly laying on mommy beans bawth robe and MY her bed.

I wents back to the v-e-t yesterdays. This time I wasn't too's scareds.

I walkeds right into the PTU cage as mommy askeds me to. I didn'ts even meow untils we gots outsides and I gots to smell the fresh airs. The little bean girl sat in the 4 wheeled monster right next to me's. I knews I'd be safe if she was theres too. I was in there for like a gazillion days. Finallys the 4 wheeled monster stoppeds and we gots out.

I heards wolfies and birds. I knew I was back at the vet ladys place. This times though it was a vet man. He was really friendly and happy. He spokes to me in a very happy tone and he was very nice to me's.
He did poke me in spot 13 which I am not pleaseds about. He lookeds at my teeths and discovereds that I am missing a big fang and two top teeths in the front. Alsos I do not have any teeths at alls in the back of my mouths on one sides. I do nots think my teeths are good cuz the vet mans said I had to gets thems cleaneds to takes the tartar off and that its would help my ging i vitis. He then gaves me some more pokes with sharp things which mommy beans saids I dids good. And we's gots home after that.

The goods news is I went from 5.80 pounds to 5.90 pounds in a few weeks. All I's know is I likes my new stinky goodness!


Parker said...

You were very good at the vet! I don't behave as well as you!
It's good that you gained a little weight!
Hooray for you!

Mickey said...

I am glad your Vet visit went well and you gained a bit. Sorry about yer tooths,but that's a super excuse for stinky goodness,heehee.
I don;t like travelling to the Vet.I let Mom know it all the way there :0

michico*Adan said...

I am so glad that you have good news from VET.
That is wonderful~!!!
You good great~!!! Even the teeth has a little problem~!!!! But I believe it will be fine.

Dragonheart said...

I am glad that you vet visit went well and that you have gained weight. I need to go get my teeth cleaned at the vet too, as soon as my tummy is all settled.

Tamra Maew said...

Glad to hear you are gaining some weight! We have the same weight now and Im not done growing so I guess my servants are right to say that I am a big eater hihi! Sorry to hear about your teeth going bad, those are essential to give the bitey!


Daisy said...

Oh TT, that sounds like a very terrible day at the V-E-Ts! I hate teeths, they always cause problems. So maybe it's a good thing that you are missing some teeths. I call those little tiny teeths in front my "flea picker" teeths. Even though I never had fleas, I pretend to be picking little things out of my furs with those tiny teeths.