Friday, October 12, 2007

It's my boy beans birthday

Let me introduce myself - I am Shadow. I am usually the quiet one. Tonight all I want to do is find some quiet. You see, it is my boys birthday. Mind you, I love my boy and he is usually quiet. Tonight he has 7 of his 14 year old friends over for the night. Can you imagine how LOUD it is in here with all these kid beans around. I'm hiding in the food lady's room because its more quiet in here. She did catch me under the table trying to hide earlier.


Tamra Maew said...

Sorry to hear about all the disturbances in your domain, this is very disrespectful! The least they can do is bring you gifts!


Mickey said...

Shadow,I can only imagine what 7 14 year old boys would be like. Are you sure you are safe in the Food Lady's room? Is she there to protect you? You need to stick yer paws in yer ears!
Good luck,purrs

Dragonheart said...

Shadow, you look very sweet. I can imagine it must be very loud over there with all those boys. I do hope your boy had a very happy birthday.

Daisy said...

Shadow, I do not blame you for hiding. When we have even ONE visitor, I run under the bed and hide.

I hope your boy had a happy birthday!

michico*Adan said...

I hope your boy have a great birthday!!!