Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday 13

Wow a second time at Thursday 13 and we could not think of anything to write BUT Shadow got in his man cat mind 13 things about our household...
  1. Mommy bean has always had cats in her life but that male bean really didn't like them until recently.
  2. The beans hve 3 fish tanks that we cats love to watch. The biggest tank has Pacu of which Table Troll thought would make a good snack but realized they are just WAY too big!
  3. I used to hate the male bean so much that I would leave special gifts for him - pee on his pillow or his bag of clothes.
  4. There are 7 beans that live here, 5 of which are younger than mommy bean.
  5. Troll doesn't like treats or nip.
  6. Shadow and I love our nip. But it must be put on a "plate" on the floor or we turn our noses up at it.
  7. Mommy bean used to have wolfies too. When she was younger she had a 3 legged wolfie named Lady Jane.
  8. The big male bean had a wolfie before we moved in. The wolfie is now at Rainbow Bridge.
  9. Shadow and I will sleep together on mommy beans bed ONLY when she has a red fuzzy blanket on it.
  10. None of us kittys like our toe nails to be clipped but we all enjoy when we get tickled in between our tosies.
  11. Shadow and I had kits together. Two of them live with mommy beans sister.
  12. When Shadows boy goes away for a gazillion days, he pouts and wont sleep on his boys bed until he is back home.
  13. Table Troll hugs mommy bean. She will put her paws on each side of mommy beans neck and nuzzle under mommy beans chin.
~ Molly ~


Dragonheart said...

I enjoyed learning more about all of you. I'm sure the male bean didn't appreciate the "gifts" you left him, Molly.

The Meezers said...

wow, i bet the kits was purrty!!!

Parker said...

Toesie Tickles are great! I love them too!

Captain Jack and Dante said...

We hate having our nails trimmed too. Thanks for telling us so much about you - we love learning about our new friends!!

Tamra Maew said...

I loved your list. I didn't like getting my nails trimmed either! My parents are now being separated from my younger siblings, 5 kits! Im trying as much as I can to keep my lady servants from seeing my siblings, the last thing I need is for one of them to come into my territory!


Daisy said...

I love to get paw massages. It feels good. But you are very right, toenail clipping is horrid.

Mickey said...

Boy,you have a lot of beans in yer house. I like to learn about all of you. You & Shadow had pretty kitties I bet!Thats because you both are so cute ;)
TT must be a Mom's girl to give her hugs.

michico*Adan said...

These are very good list to let me know about you, and I think I am very happy for your male human finally know the great things about cats.

Tybalt said...

I loved your list! It made me giggle to read about the presents you used to leave the male bean, Molly. I snickered!

The Crew said...

I single pawedly turned my Dad into a cat person!


DaisyMae Maus said...

That's a great TT ... Grandad wasn't a "cat person" before he met the original Feline Americans. Now, he checks up on us an' sometimes lets us nap on him.