Monday, October 1, 2007

A picture and the Christmas meme

This is my favorite pictures of mommy and me. I was on her lap in the livings room. I don't usually goes there cuz Molly has claimeds it as hers!

My friend Scout tagged me for a Christmas meme. I had to think of my answers for a night befores I could answer.

What is your favorite gift?

Tuna for sure, I's not sure if I's gotten anythings much for that holiday.

What is your best memory of Christmas?
Mommy bean keeping me insides warm and safe and of course tuna.

Depending on where you live, do you have a hot or cold Christmas?
It is usallys cold here. Sometimes we get snow on Christmas but New England weather is
c r a z y.

Would you prefer to try the opposite weather at least once?
Of course, I like the warms weather much better, I gets to sit in the fresh airs seat more when its warm.

What do you prefer in a tree, fake or real?
I do nots climb much but I had heards that a real tree is betters to climb and it smells like fresh airs.

What is your favorite carol?
Mommy says "Ill be home for Christmas". That's sillys I certainlys will be home that day!

What is your favorite Christmas Dinner?
I don'ts like human food scraps but Molly and Shadow likes Turkey.

Do you wear a Santa hat at Christmas?
Oh no ways! Dont you's even thinks about it.

Have you seen Santa delivering gifts?
Yes and Santa left lots of gifts for us kitties. I gots a cute pink water bowl and a red tray to puts my food and water bowls on.

I will tag Tamra Maew the bloggin kitten.


Mickey said...

Those are good answers.I don't want any hats on my head either!
The pic of you & yer Mom is very nice and yer Mom is pretty.
I had Mom Google the Pacu fish. No wonder you don't go near them.They are as big as me!!!!!
And they have teeth!I'll stick wif toona.

Henry Helton said...

Tuna is a great answer!

Dragonheart said...

That is a beautiful photo of you and your mom. :) I enjoyed learning how you spend Christmas.

TT said...

Mommy says Thank You, Mickey.

Yes, I thoughts for a a squillion minutes on if I should eats the Pacu, but they is scary.