Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kitty thoughts

  • Why does Table Troll get to sleep on MY bed with mom?
  • What happened to my special time with mom on the bed?
  • Nip, nip nip whose got the nip? MOMmmmmm!
  • I am pretending to ignore TT but I sneak a kiss once in a while.
  • Where's my boy?
TT Girl
  • Why does Molly hates me so much? I AM the alpha here.
  • Nip? Why does every kitty likes the nips?
  • Is it's time's for my stinky goodness??


The Meezers said...

did someone say stinky goodness?? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Daisy said...

You have lots of important thoughts on your mind!

Captain Jack and Dante said...

Wow those are some deep kitty thoughts! We often wonder if there was no nip, would there be any happy kitties?

Karen Jo said...

Those are some deep kitty thoughts. Molly, I hope you get some special time with Mom on the bed very soon.

Henry Helton said...

Those are all very interesting thoughts. I think many of the same things all the time.

Mickey said...

That sounds like my place. I don't get on with my younger sisfurs.I'm sure we all have our kitty thoughts and don't understand the other cat's point of view,heehee.
I must remind Mom to bring my catnip plant in

michico*Adan said...

There are many question from all of you, well, I believe your mommy could settle all of these~!!

Tamra Maew said...

Kitties do alot of important thinking and it should not be taken lightly!


Scout said...

There is a lot of kitty brain power going on in your house!

Tybalt said...

That's a lot of thinking!

Thanks for visiting my blog and symapathizing while mommy was gone. I think my mommy and your mommy ought to get together and win the lottery! Then they would have nothing to do but spoil us. I love that idea.