Saturday, September 8, 2007

I's not sorry

So I's was sitting on the new chair covers mommys got tonights. I was a bit scared of them at first because I's like the feel of the soft white fuzzies that she hads on them. She walked overs to see what the big man beans was doings. I wanted her attentions so I gots up and nudged her with my head. She gaves me a scritch and just stopped. Now I wanted mores than just a small scritch on my head and she just ignoreds me! So I stretched soooo far across my chair to where the male bean was, my hinds feet balanced on the edge of my seats and my front feets on his leg. I'ms not sure what I dids but he jumped and said some words that were loud. Mommy quickly took me off his lap. See if I try to be friendlys with him again!

M - (TT, it wasnt that he didnt want you to be friendly, it was the claws you have that sank into skin that made him jump.)

I's sorry then but I's not tellin him that, he likes to squirts me with that bottles way too much.


Henry Helton said...

Hold your ground. Do not say sorry. Once he stops with the spray thingy, you can stop clawing.

Daisy said...

My Mommie does not enjoy the feel of my sharp clawrs in her skin either. This is another thing I do not understand.

Mickey said...

Not like you did it on purpose.I agree with Henry,claws are for self defense.(againsy squirty bottles)

Dragonheart said...

Oh, the evil water squirt bottle! I hate that thing.

It sounds like your claws might need to be trimmed. I get mine trimmed twice a week because they grow so quickly!