Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Name Meme

I figureds I woulds play along with Mickey with this. I coaxeds the other kittys to play too. I gave Molly and Shadow some nip cuz I knews it would help them go along with this.

TT Girl

I really didn'ts have a name for awhile. Mommy bean called me baby (yack), the kid beans called me New Kitty or Old Kitty, all those names just didn'ts suit me and I wouldnt's answer to thems. Finally the big male beans here called me Table Troll which really isn't a prettys name either. He shortened its to TT and mommy beans added Girl as my middles name. I thinks it suits me now.


The littlest bean named me. She was a baby like me and it was easy for her to say. I guess I don't have much of a story for my name.


My bean boy gave me my name. He was my savior when I was a kitten. I was so small back then and he thought because I am so dark that I looked like a "shadow". I would hide in dark places just so that he would have to call my name to find me. I really think my name suits me!


Daisy said...

TT, I did not know what TT stands for. That's very silly. I think TT stands for "Tremendously Terrific."

Molly, your name is pretty, and Shadow is a great name for a big black mancat.

Scout said...

I was named after a character in “to kill a mockingbird”. I like the name TT Girl! It is a nice name!

Mickey said...

I like those stories.I like the name Molly and it suites that sweet face.Shadow is perfect as is the story behind it.You TT Girl,well I think your name means you have Tremendous character!! No shrinking violet for you.

Karen Jo said...

Table Troll gave me a giggle. I like TT Girl much better, though. I really like the name Molly and I think it suits her well. Shadow is a great name for a black cat.

sammawow-china cat-willow said...

Oh, we do like TT Girl - it suits you, but we won't call you a troll. We like Molly and Shadow too.

It's fun to learn how cats were named!

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

Henry Helton said...

You guys all have really neat names. I am partial to Table Troll. That is neat.

Christine and FAZ said...

Table Troll, that's funny but TT is cool. FAZ