Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Love Bug?

Mommy says I ams a love bug. Love bug? I do nots know whats that is. I knows that a bug is something I watch froms my fresh air seat, or chase around the kitchens if it manages to gets in. So does that means I am some sorts of bug?

Aren'ts bugs some sort of pest? Does mommy mean I am a pest? I only likes to sits on her lap and kneed. Sometimes I sits up and put a paw on each sides of her neck and head butts her pointy face part. She usually takes that pointy face part and butts me back. I also kneeds when I hugs her.

I guess latelys I beens full of love for the mommy bean and big man bean in the house. I has even sat on his lap - for only a short times. And guess what? He hasn'ts tried to push me offs him.

I heards him talking to mommy beans tonight sayings that I was always lookings for attention, that I musta beens a very abused kitty. I don'ts recall much of my past so I dont's know. I dont's even know my birthday. Mommys says the day she founds me in that cement yard it was the bestest day of her life! That day is comings up very soon. Mommys says that day was Septembers 28 of last year. So thats means in 9 days I have beens in my forever home for ONE whole year!!

So I's might be a love bug but at least I knows I am a good pest.

Mommy bean note: TT we love you very much. Love bug is what we call you when you are very affectionate to us beans. I can't believe that you've been with us for almost a year.


Mickey said...

Hey TT,that is a really neat story. I think that beans just like to give us names that they think are cute,Mom does that to me.She will call me Mickey Poo and at first I was wondering what is up with my pooh. As long as they feed you,kiss you and pat you,just purr at whatever they say.

Guess what,my gotcha day is September 24!

Dragonheart said...

TT, I don't think that wanting attention and cuddles necessarily means you were abused. I love cuddling and snuggling - my favourites spots, when I'm not playing, are in my mom's lap or my dad's lap. I love attention and love humans. But that's just my personality. I've had loving, caring homes my entire life - first with my breeder, and now with my mom and dad. Sphynx are just naturally very affectionate and love lots of attention. One word used to describe Sphynx is "Love Mooch." So it may just be the way you are, to want attention.

Daisy said...

TT, I think Love Bug is a very cute name. How exciting that it is almost your 1 year Gotcha Day!

Karen Jo said...

I don't think being a loving kitty comes from being abused. My nephew rescued a kitty from some bad beans who were abusing him and he doesn't like people much at all. I think you are just a very loving kitty and that's wonderful.

Scout said...

My mommy calls me a love bug all the time! She also calls me the round brown mound of sound but that is a different story…