Saturday, September 22, 2007

The trip

I's been peeing all over the floor. I couldn'ts help myself, I felts I had to go so I woulds squat. The male beans thoughts I was beings bad. I evens over heards him say to mommy bean to bring homes a cage. *shiver*

So when mommy beans came home and puts me in the cage I thoughts I was going for a drive and beings droppeds off in a big hard yard again. I gots put in the cage and I thoughts if I meowed reals loud they'd not drop me offs some wheres. I realizeds though that after they boths got in the 4 wheel machine I was doomed.

After a shorts ride, the car finally stopeds and mommy gots out with me. But somethings strange happeneds, she didn't open the door on the cage and shoo me, like I remember that happened to me befores.

I don'ts remembers what the beans were saying but I heard woofies and birds. Next things you knows I was in a rooms on a cold table. This is it I thoughts.

I was tolds I was at the V-E-T-S. Omc, I've heards so many bad stories about this. I was scareds and shakings. They poked me in places you wouldnts believe, I think Daisy calls it spot 13.

They poked me with sharp things, cut my raptor claws AND stole pee pee from me. I am SO not happy abouts this. So the reasons I was peeing all overs the floor is cuz I haves a UTI. I am's on medicine for this so I shoulds be okay.

I was really happy when mommys took me in her arms and held me. I woulds have had her taken a flashy box thing but I was way tooooos comfy to move.

I'm really tireds now, I'm goings to naps in my comfy spot for awhile - in my HOME!

EDIT: The vet lady saids I was abouts 10 years old or older.


Mickey said...

Hey TT.I'm really glad that your beans took you to the Vet to find out what was wrong.You could not have been feeling very good. Sooner or later you will realize and believe that your Mom loves you. About 10 years you say? I'm 14.Heehee! Take your medicine and sleep.You'll feel better soon.

Henry Helton said...

You are 10 years old! Wow, I am only 2. You are five times older than me.

Max said...

Ouch. That's gotta hurt, but the medicine will make it better. But man, someone once dumped you? I hope they got crotch rot and their goodies fell off. You've got good people now, even if they did let the stabby person molest you.


Dragonheart said...

I'm sorry to hear you have a UTI. I hope you feel better soon. Sending lots of healing purrs your way.