Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday 13 (my first try)

I's been here for a bit and figures I'd try a 13 things about the cats here

1) Shadow likes to sleep on slick slipperys things. You name it - the human litters box , the littlest beans shiny bed cover, the sofas (that's why mommy bean puts covers on him, he isn't so careful when he jumps) and the wonderfully cool hard kitchens floor.

2) Molly will not eat unless mommy bean sits and watches her eats (yes she is a littles weirds).

3) I does not like cat nip but Molly, Shadow and Fatty (the outside stray) do.

4) I am a very cleans kitty; mommy bean has discovered that if there is too much in my litter box I retaliate by pooping on the floor!

5) Shadow likes to be spanked. Yes, you know the spot, right at the base of the tail. He stretches up on his toes, meows that man cat sound of his and begs for more. I does not like this. I have heards Molly likes it though.

6) Molly follows mommy into the human litter box room all the times. She talks to mommy in there alots. I wonders if she is tellings stories abouts me? She also sits on the waters stall and watches mommy washings up.

7) Shadow sucks on his bean boys blankets. That bean boy always calls him when its bed time and Shadow sometimes can nots waits so he's already there durings the day. He also kneeds while he sucks on the blankets.

8) Shadow almost died when he was a kitten. A bean had dropped him, Molly and their mommy cat off somewhere. He was so cold and hungry he coulds not lift his head. The boy bean's dad brought homes Shadow to mommy bean to take cares of. Mommy bean heated a towel in a "nuker" and had the bean boy feed Shadow sugar waters while she was at work. Shadows didn't moves much while mommy beans was gone, but as soon as she opened the door and said "Hi Kitty Kitty" he lifted his head and looked around.

9) The v-e-t lady said I weighed 5.8 pounds because I was sick. She saids I had to gains some weight. (As longs as its Tuna I'ms ok with that!)

10) Mommy has tried some new stinkygoodness - Iams. I really likes it too!

11) Last year mommy bean was sick for 6 weeks. Shadow and Molly slept on the beds with her durings the day while the big male bean and the little beans were gone. I think she bribeds them to sleep there though.

12) Shadow rarely meows.

13) Since I's been sick I's got a can of tuna, a new cardboard scratch pad and new stinky goodness to eat. But I does not like being sick.


michico 小芥 said...

You know, TT?
I just like Molly, I need michico watching me, than I will eat~! And I think that is right feeling for me~!

And I hope you are getting better now, let's together welcome the holiday reason coming, it will not fun with we are sick~! Let's try healthy together~!

Dragonheart said...

Being sick is no fun, even if it means new treats and toys. I hope you are feeling better soon. Sending lots of healing purrs your way.

Tamra Maew said...

Hope you get better, there's nothing worse than being sick and not even having energy to get up to eat or play with your favorite toys :( Get some snuggles and warmth and you will feel better.

Daisy said...

TT, I am sorry you have been sick, because that is No Fun. You do not weigh very many pounds, either.

That is a very scairty story about how Shadow almost died when he was a kitten. I am glad he got all better.

I like a clean litter box, too!

Mickey said...

TT,I'm late reading this.It was great. I like so much learning things about other kitties. Mom said that when she was younger, she had a cat like Shadow that sucked a blanket & purred & kneaded all at the same time.
Hope you are feeling better!