Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday 13 #25 - WHAT?

Things this week that has mades all us kittys go What the Paw???
  1. Blogging, the Mommy Bean has beens furry lazy busy with some alien blurpy and hasn't helped any of us with the blog.
  2. Not only has she not helped us blog she hasn't even lets us visit our friends on here either!
  3. Mommy Bean has let my GOOD stinky goodness run outs and gives me that yucky stuffs I do's not like.
  4. To show the protest is on, I has taken to seeking attention from all the other beans.
  5. Mommy Bean has been cleaning us kittys AND makings sure we has no fleas. Even Fatty gotted some flea medysins.
  6. That baby woofie Jake has gotten LOTS of treats lately, but what abouts us kittys here, huh? So he gets peanut butter "cookies" (Oh yea the lady said they were bones), he gets a few cheese balls and he even shares HER cereal - cherrios!
  7. Now it's OK for the woofie Jake to has an accident on the floor near special papers but it's not okay for us kittys?
  8. The alien blurpy has taken my spot over on the bed, and where has I been? On the chair, under the table in the kitchen.
  9. Shadow has developed a large noise in which we call a H-I-S-S! It's cuz the woofie Jake drives him's crazy through the gate in da kitchen that goes to the livings room.
  10. Molly has chased the woofie Jake finally! I has to tell's you Mommy Bean cheered Molly on's for standing up's for us kittys!
  11. Fatty has comes in only a few times. I has been investigatings things and I's will share the story next Wednesday!
  12. Also, I has over heards Mommy Bean being upset. The land lord wanted to find Fatty a home, along with the other stray kitty thats in the basement. The downstairs bean has talked the landlord into letting us share in Fatty's care. Let's hope its successful!
  13. I really miss all my kitty friends and wants you to know you are in my thoughts now if I's could just get the Mommy Bean from being LAZY!!!

And I has to share this, Auntie Bean founds it and said it looks like me. I fink Tybalt woulds love the straw !!


Anonymous said...

Sorry TT, but it seems that blurpy beans frequently steal all of Mom's attention. It will get better, eventually.

Daisy said...

Little blurpy aliens take lots of time and attention! I been missing you, TT. I am sure things will settle down soon.

Anonymous said...

Human moms love human kittens as much as they do us cats, maybe more. Be patient, TT, and remind her gently that you miss her.

Mickey said...

I am sorry that you are being ignored right now TT :(
Alien blurpy girls need lots of attention when they are new,but that will change :) Your Mom still loves you! We love you too :)
Visit when you can and meantime,we'll come visit you!!
Purrs MIckey & family

Praline said...

It looks like the little blurpy alien will take away a lot of the time that you used to have with mom. Just wait until the little one is asleep and then slip up to mom and look at her with those big eyes and give her a big purr. She can't turn that down!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Wow, lots of changes at your place! We hope the landlord lets you help with Fatty's care and that your mom has more time for you soon.