Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Silent Film

I tried it, I's will gets better but for now .... grab some nip and watch the show ...

Mommys and I gives in we's cant get the movie to upload here or from another place soooo here is the direct link

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thank yous!

I was so happys that mommy gave me a great gotcha birthday that I was nices this mornings.

Instead of my usuals jumpings on the bed early on time in the morning, sittings near her head meowings, I quietly sats next to her and kneededs.

She wokes up and hugeds me and then gave me's my special stinky goodness.

Thank you's to all the kitties of the blogoshpere for my wishes of a good gotchas birthday!

Friday, September 28, 2007

It's my Gotcha Birthday

Yay! I's been with mommy one whole year!

Because I ams missings some back teeths I don'ts eat treats or crunchies but I do eats tuna.

Todays for breakfast and also for dinners I gots tuna!

Mommy said cuz it was my birthday gotcha day I gots the treat.

I wisheds I had more birthday gotcha days so I coulds have more tuna!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday 13 (my first try)

I's been here for a bit and figures I'd try a 13 things about the cats here

1) Shadow likes to sleep on slick slipperys things. You name it - the human litters box , the littlest beans shiny bed cover, the sofas (that's why mommy bean puts covers on him, he isn't so careful when he jumps) and the wonderfully cool hard kitchens floor.

2) Molly will not eat unless mommy bean sits and watches her eats (yes she is a littles weirds).

3) I does not like cat nip but Molly, Shadow and Fatty (the outside stray) do.

4) I am a very cleans kitty; mommy bean has discovered that if there is too much in my litter box I retaliate by pooping on the floor!

5) Shadow likes to be spanked. Yes, you know the spot, right at the base of the tail. He stretches up on his toes, meows that man cat sound of his and begs for more. I does not like this. I have heards Molly likes it though.

6) Molly follows mommy into the human litter box room all the times. She talks to mommy in there alots. I wonders if she is tellings stories abouts me? She also sits on the waters stall and watches mommy washings up.

7) Shadow sucks on his bean boys blankets. That bean boy always calls him when its bed time and Shadow sometimes can nots waits so he's already there durings the day. He also kneeds while he sucks on the blankets.

8) Shadow almost died when he was a kitten. A bean had dropped him, Molly and their mommy cat off somewhere. He was so cold and hungry he coulds not lift his head. The boy bean's dad brought homes Shadow to mommy bean to take cares of. Mommy bean heated a towel in a "nuker" and had the bean boy feed Shadow sugar waters while she was at work. Shadows didn't moves much while mommy beans was gone, but as soon as she opened the door and said "Hi Kitty Kitty" he lifted his head and looked around.

9) The v-e-t lady said I weighed 5.8 pounds because I was sick. She saids I had to gains some weight. (As longs as its Tuna I'ms ok with that!)

10) Mommy has tried some new stinkygoodness - Iams. I really likes it too!

11) Last year mommy bean was sick for 6 weeks. Shadow and Molly slept on the beds with her durings the day while the big male bean and the little beans were gone. I think she bribeds them to sleep there though.

12) Shadow rarely meows.

13) Since I's been sick I's got a can of tuna, a new cardboard scratch pad and new stinky goodness to eat. But I does not like being sick.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - I's feel better

Ands heres proof ...

Yes my eyes are closed alots but I was napping, but I's feel better!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Medicine is YUCKY

Mommy bean thoughts she was so smarts. She was trings to put this stuff in my mouths, which I laters found out is medicine, so anyways I twisted and turneds out of her grip on my scruffs. Then whiles she was still figureings out that I had escapeds her grasp, I hids under the table. Every times she went to grabs me, I ran. Ha ha ha on mommy bean!

So next thing you's know I got's tuna. I musta showd's her whose boss cuz she gave's me what I like.

I founds out I has to go back to the v-e-t lady. My teeths are icky mommys said and she didn't squint hard enough to see's that I's am missing some backs teeth. That 'splains why I always drops my food when I eats. Wow, this v-e-t lady is smart but I still's don't likes going.

Did you's see my new ticker toy I puts on my side bar? I know it's biggers than that area but's mommy wasn't smarts enough this mornings cuz she didn'ts have enoughs of that hot black liquids she makes every mornings. And I's can'ts figure it's out myself. *sigh*

At least I's got's tuna! I should's go eat it now though seeings as I turneds my nose up at it.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The trip

I's been peeing all over the floor. I couldn'ts help myself, I felts I had to go so I woulds squat. The male beans thoughts I was beings bad. I evens over heards him say to mommy bean to bring homes a cage. *shiver*

So when mommy beans came home and puts me in the cage I thoughts I was going for a drive and beings droppeds off in a big hard yard again. I gots put in the cage and I thoughts if I meowed reals loud they'd not drop me offs some wheres. I realizeds though that after they boths got in the 4 wheel machine I was doomed.

After a shorts ride, the car finally stopeds and mommy gots out with me. But somethings strange happeneds, she didn't open the door on the cage and shoo me, like I remember that happened to me befores.

I don'ts remembers what the beans were saying but I heard woofies and birds. Next things you knows I was in a rooms on a cold table. This is it I thoughts.

I was tolds I was at the V-E-T-S. Omc, I've heards so many bad stories about this. I was scareds and shakings. They poked me in places you wouldnts believe, I think Daisy calls it spot 13.

They poked me with sharp things, cut my raptor claws AND stole pee pee from me. I am SO not happy abouts this. So the reasons I was peeing all overs the floor is cuz I haves a UTI. I am's on medicine for this so I shoulds be okay.

I was really happy when mommys took me in her arms and held me. I woulds have had her taken a flashy box thing but I was way tooooos comfy to move.

I'm really tireds now, I'm goings to naps in my comfy spot for awhile - in my HOME!

EDIT: The vet lady saids I was abouts 10 years old or older.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Love Bug?

Mommy says I ams a love bug. Love bug? I do nots know whats that is. I knows that a bug is something I watch froms my fresh air seat, or chase around the kitchens if it manages to gets in. So does that means I am some sorts of bug?

Aren'ts bugs some sort of pest? Does mommy mean I am a pest? I only likes to sits on her lap and kneed. Sometimes I sits up and put a paw on each sides of her neck and head butts her pointy face part. She usually takes that pointy face part and butts me back. I also kneeds when I hugs her.

I guess latelys I beens full of love for the mommy bean and big man bean in the house. I has even sat on his lap - for only a short times. And guess what? He hasn'ts tried to push me offs him.

I heards him talking to mommy beans tonight sayings that I was always lookings for attention, that I musta beens a very abused kitty. I don'ts recall much of my past so I dont's know. I dont's even know my birthday. Mommys says the day she founds me in that cement yard it was the bestest day of her life! That day is comings up very soon. Mommys says that day was Septembers 28 of last year. So thats means in 9 days I have beens in my forever home for ONE whole year!!

So I's might be a love bug but at least I knows I am a good pest.

Mommy bean note: TT we love you very much. Love bug is what we call you when you are very affectionate to us beans. I can't believe that you've been with us for almost a year.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Name Meme

I figureds I woulds play along with Mickey with this. I coaxeds the other kittys to play too. I gave Molly and Shadow some nip cuz I knews it would help them go along with this.

TT Girl

I really didn'ts have a name for awhile. Mommy bean called me baby (yack), the kid beans called me New Kitty or Old Kitty, all those names just didn'ts suit me and I wouldnt's answer to thems. Finally the big male beans here called me Table Troll which really isn't a prettys name either. He shortened its to TT and mommy beans added Girl as my middles name. I thinks it suits me now.


The littlest bean named me. She was a baby like me and it was easy for her to say. I guess I don't have much of a story for my name.


My bean boy gave me my name. He was my savior when I was a kitten. I was so small back then and he thought because I am so dark that I looked like a "shadow". I would hide in dark places just so that he would have to call my name to find me. I really think my name suits me!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I gots an award!

I gots this awards from Scout! She is the greatest. Scout was one of the first kittys here that welcomed me. I just wonder am I still nice if I pick on Molly just a tinys bit? *snort*

So now I's gots to pass this on to anothers kitty - Adan and Mickey. Both of these kittys have made me feels welcome too!

I was going throughs some flash box pictures and founds this one of Shadow doin the FULL MONTY. The male beans saids that Shadow woulds just not move for him. I askeds Shadow why he woulds not move and he saids "I just didn't want to."

Awwww he is the cutest when he does that I think!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Handi - Capable

This fish is called handi - capable by the beans. This fish is called a red empress cichlid and its a female fish so she isn't as colorful as the male fish. They say it's handi - capable because it's missing its tail fin. You would think it woulds be hard for hers to swim but she does swim fine. She certainly is handi - capable!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Stinky goodness

I ams the only ones here that gets the stinky goodness. I's tried to share it with Shadow and Molly and they turned up their noses at it. I'm not sures why either coz Whiskas pouches really fill my bellys full. Mommy tried several different kinds of stinky goodness and I simply hated them which I showed her by yacking all over her new kitchen chairs and floor. Finally I gots the kind that was in juices, oh how yummy to my belly it is!

Then mommy introduced mes to the milk for kittys. OMC, it is so goods that I begs for it when I see the box. It's so goods that even Molly and Shadows likes it.

What kinds of stinky goodness do's you eat?

Saturday, September 8, 2007

I's not sorry

So I's was sitting on the new chair covers mommys got tonights. I was a bit scared of them at first because I's like the feel of the soft white fuzzies that she hads on them. She walked overs to see what the big man beans was doings. I wanted her attentions so I gots up and nudged her with my head. She gaves me a scritch and just stopped. Now I wanted mores than just a small scritch on my head and she just ignoreds me! So I stretched soooo far across my chair to where the male bean was, my hinds feet balanced on the edge of my seats and my front feets on his leg. I'ms not sure what I dids but he jumped and said some words that were loud. Mommy quickly took me off his lap. See if I try to be friendlys with him again!

M - (TT, it wasnt that he didnt want you to be friendly, it was the claws you have that sank into skin that made him jump.)

I's sorry then but I's not tellin him that, he likes to squirts me with that bottles way too much.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Temptation love

I's realize that Temptations is alot of kittys favorite treats.

We kitty's though donts like them.

Mommy discovered this fact when the presents were under that big green tree that smelleds of out doors.

So tonights she gave Fatty some Temptations and she saids Fatty LOVES them!

So we kittys here in the house decides to give them alls to Fatty.

Fatty needs loves too so thats how wes are going to shows that to him.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Puss in Boots

The littlest bean likes this movie called Shrek. Im's not sure what a "Shrek" is but it makes her laughs - ALOT.

So I's found this video online and the kitty kats in it remind me of a few kittys here on the blogosphere. Can you find your look alike in it? I sures did, at the very beginings, my doubles is on a green tables (shame on that kitty).