Friday, July 31, 2009

Frootbat Friday (OHBOYOHBOYOHBOY!!)

Hai it's Friday and dat means its Frootbat showin time!!
Dis is also our 450th post so far (I didnt do dat many pawsonally)

::springs in my feet::
::springs in my feet::

Laser eyes glowin and ready for attack

A side view, aren't I sleek lookin? Mom finks so!

Hai kittehs and woofies, we is still lookin fer 1 or 2 or 3 folks to do Paw~it~forward wif. We wud love to share toys and treats wif other furiends so please leave a comment if yoo want to pawticipate.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome to TT's celebration of life

Today marks one year since TT was helped to the bridge. The mom's heart aches a bit still but she knows that TT is so much better now that she isn't so sick.

The mom and TT kept a secret you see, they didn't tell any of the Cat Blogosphere that she was sick until the very end. They wanted to keep life celebrated and happy, just as TT was when she was rescued and lived with all of us. Stop by TT's Catster profile and leave a treat, if you'd like.

On this day of memory
Be sure that I am well
and to you I send my love...
As you send yours to me still
Hard as it may be
To be alone this day
Just remember as I have said
Love connects us still
(c)Blue Coyote 2-26-08

So many lovely tributes were formed when TT crossed over :Please enjoy happy pictures of TT while she enjoyed her few years with us at home, she went from a kitty in a parking lot to a much loved member of the family! We love and miss her but as Mommy Bean wrote to someone last week - When the happy memories over flow our heart is when we will stop being sad for not having our loved ones here.

Enjoy the catnip as TT would have done as well as stinky goodness.

Beans has a cup of tea or coffee and a piece of cake.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

T4 (Tattle Tale Tabby Tuesday)

Hai kittehs! We had a post all set fer Mancat Monday and guess what?? The mom cudn't find da cord fingy to get the piccys off da camera! Oh yea we hid dat cord good! MOL

Da post is fer Paw it Forward dat we did wif The Kool Kittie Krew. Da man in bloo left our package Saturday and I is Jake! cudn't wait to see what it was! He was jumpin and sniffin and frankly kittehs, dat was too much fer us kittehs to deal wif so we waited in da other rooms fer hims to finish.

EDIT: We has to ask fer sum kittehs dat want to do dis wif us, jus 3 is all we ask, if we dun get 3 dats okay we understand acuz a lot of green papers is hard to come by.

::springs in my feet::
::springs in my feet::
Whas dat stuff Mom?? Fer me ME me??

SNIFF. Smells gud!
I take dis toy, K?

While Jake went off wif his toy (the tag still attached)
Whisker lickins, stinky goodness (Troo fanks yoo Kittie Krew),do we smell catnip toys?

And a bootiful card (we loves da different coloured kittehs!)

See kittehs yoo takes off wif da toys dis way!

Waat, I'm s'pose to look at yoo fer a piccy?

Hai the mom, toss me dat pom pom ball again, yes jus over da fence so da woofie can't get my stuff!

Yoo can't catch me playin with the toy while you are taking pictures, I just stop as soon as I see that box!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

Remembering Fatty

One year ago, today, our beloved stray/almost indoor kitty,Fatty was helped to the bridge. We have not much to say because we still miss her lots and lots, so instead please admire some great memories we has of her.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordy Wednesday (Awards)

Do yoo see what we has to put up wif fer a secretary? On Tuesday July 14, Ginger Jasper gavedid us TWO awards and did the mom post them fer us yet? Noooooooo - POOP on her pillow!!!
We fink we may have gotten dis before but as usual the mom's brain is toast! So here goes ...
Give thanks and link back to the one who sent you the award.
GJ we is glad yoo gavdid us dis!

Post the logo on your blog. (Check)

List seven things about yourself that others might find interesting.
  1. Molly - I am really anti social, I only love on beans when it's bed time.
  2. Shadow - I too am anti social, I only will come out when its quiet in the house.
  3. Troo - I am a LOVE BUG, except for the blurpy alien, I am not so sure but I have licked her before and she tasted good!
  4. I is Jake! - At night, I's sneak up on da bed wif mom and dad and sleep between them. Dad usually puts me in bed wif a kiss and a hug.
  5. Molly - I am a tiny girl, only about 4 pounds.
  6. Shadow - I almost died when I was a kitten. The mom and my boy rescued me and force fed me and kept me warm the first night I was with them.
  7. Troo - I has traveled all the way from Kentucky to live with my pawsome Mom Lady!

Pass the award on to seven other kreativ bloggers.

We is late as usual but if yoo hasn't gotten dis award PLEASE consider yerself awarded!

This translated means "your blog doesn't stink" and the only rules is to link to the blogger dat gavdid yoo it and pass it on to 5 others!
  1. Daisy and Harley
  2. Purrchance To Dream (all da kittehs and Not the Mama too!)
  3. Karen Jo
  4. Brian and his sisfurs
  5. Whitey

We wud like to send Kelly (Sugars mom) our purrs and headbutts as well as Stryder and Scotch too.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tattle Tale Tabby Tuesday

So dis mornin we went and read Zoolatry , they is sellin hats! Acuz it's rainin again Shadow thought he'd need a rain hat, so we was delivered one. Zoey is so pawsome (and her bean Ann is wonderful wif piccys).

We met sum new kittehs too! Dey is The Kool Kittie Krew! Dey won the pawsome contest dat The Creek Cats was hasin! We decided dat we wanted to do the Paw~it~Forward wif dem! So kittehs (and woofies) be on da look out fer dat to come. If anyone wants to participate let us know - we like to investigate thoroughly who we is givin our gifts too!

The mom sentid out two envelopes last week to two special kittehs dat is gettin married soon! Watch fer da man in bloo Mickey and Miss Peach!

The mom's been a bit blue, on July 24th the lovely Fatty was helped to da bridge. The mom visits her grave in da yard every day to say hello and to make sure nuttin has bothered it. Also, July 29 will mark TT's one year passing. The mom's heart still aches but she smiles knowing that TT is no longer in pain from her kidney disease. Stay tuned acuz we plan a big celebration on July 29 to celebrate TT's life and her passing!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mancat Monday w Troo

Mancat rule of the day - Always protect your blurpy aliens when they are sleeping or the woofie may just wake them up!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

TT's Saturday Matinee

Kittehs, all we has to say is RUN RUN RUN!! Do not stand anywheres near them dancin beans!

We threw dis one in acuz the blurp likes dis song - she jumps and jumps when she hears it!

EDIT - We just wanted to reminds everyones bout dis ...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

Kittehs, Trooder doesnt know but we sneaked a peak at his 'doption papers and TODAY is his purrthday according to dem. He is 4 years old!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tattle Tale Tabby Tuesday - Our Nip Plants

Hai Kittehs! Can yoo believe dis? Our the mom actually grew sum catnip and cat mint plants fer us!

Here is a bumble bee dancin around the blue flowers on the cat nip plant

Fer sum reason dis cat mint plant is not lookin so full as da others

Dis little plant started out as a seed! Can yoo believe she grew dis?? We cant!

These started out as seeds too, who knoo the mom had sum sort of talent?

Kittehs check out our catnip plant!! HOLY CARP ... and its nom nom nommy too!!

Fattys cat mint plant on her grave, dis is real pretty up close the mom said.

Mosquito plant in da front wif the cat mint plant in da back. It's been rainin so much the mom has to go back out dere and clip around Fattys grave.