Friday, June 29, 2007

Mommys goin to works

Mommy is goings to work again this morning.

She's runnings around feeding all us kitties and fisheys. (YUM fisheys)

Shes tossed me my ball a few times and I's has got it cornered now.

Darn ball, it thinks its sneaky by being quiet but as soon as I's touch it it makes loud noise.

I won'ts be able to claw out anythings today, the small beans take overs my electronic thingy spot.

I'll lets yous all know hows Ims doings later.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mommy closed my air

Mommy went around this morning closing all my fresh air seats.

I think she said it was waaaaaaaay too hots for us kittys in the house.

Next thing you knows a blast of cold air came out of the cieling and floor areas.

Whew, that makes me feels much better.

I just wish I could haves my fresh airs as well as that cold airs.

At least I'm cools now, even if I's has to sit on the seat and look out instead of right there in my fresh air seat.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

pant pant

Whew its hots out!

I's been layings down on the cold stones here in the house.

That makes my belly so cool feeling.

Of course sooner or laters I gets warm and has to switch mys seat.

I have even laid in fronts of that air blower.

I gaves up on watching the the thing go rounds and rounds.

It's too hot to sit here for long so I wishes you alls a good cool night.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I've taken over

I just have to say I am Molly and I am taking over Table Trolls blog right now.

Yes you got it, Table Troll is what she is.

Mommy is way too sickly sweet calling her TT Girl. *yack*

I don't like her either, nor does she according to the blog but let me tell you my point of view.

I had a rough start too.

My brother Shadow and I were thrown out by some bean with our mommy cat when we were babies. Shadow wasn't so well when Mommy came and got him from the cold ground near the wood log we were staying in. I wouldn't let mommy touch me though, I was too scared and didn't trust beans much any more.

It seemed like a long time before Mommy came back to get me. All I had were other
beans who tried to coax me into going with them, and then there was my mommy cat too. I finally couldn't trick Mommy bean any more and she swept me up just as I swiped her with my paw. HA! That'll teach her to touch me, I thought. I was wrong.

She brought me to her warm home. She placed me in a basket with MY brother! I was so happy to see him. He was so much better then when I last saw him. Last time I saw him he was soooo cold and could barely lift his head. I kissed and kissed him. And then I found the food Mommy had left out for Shadow and me.

It took me a very long time to trust Mommy bean. According to Mommy bean we've been with her for 4 years now. I know when I'm loved and Mommy bean LOVES me. So let it be known, I do not like Table Troll either but at least every other bean and kitty knows our story too.

TT, Shadow and Molly

Monday, June 18, 2007

OCC cat?

It's a routine.

I do it every time I get fed.

It really is simple, yet that big man here calls me the OCC cat.

I heard mommy say it was obb sessive com pul sive cat?

I can't help myself though.

I hears the alarm clock in the morning and wait by mommys door.

I meows real loud, walk under the table, around my scratch box, under the two chairs and in front of the door.

If mommy doesn't get ups quick enough I dos this again and again.

It works though, mommy always feeds me my yummys!

~~~ Please go wish Pippy a speedy recovery, he is a very sick kitty. ~~~

Friday, June 15, 2007


I don't know why mommy gets upset sometimes.

I only kneeds when I'm happy, which is MOST of the time. hehe

I'm kneeding now, in between clawing this out as a matter of fact.

Mommy keeps pulling my paws away saying ouch.

That other girl cat is staring at me, but I'm not going to moves for her.

No sir, I am going to stay right here on the bed with mommy tonight.

I jumped up on her this morning too, I don't normally do that though.

Mommy has been really sad lately so I just wants to make her more happy.

I don't know much about, what was it, cars I think, but I do know mommy is upset over it.

I'm just happy that I have a mommy like her.

She rescued me when I was alone.

She feeds me good food and makes me sooooooooooo happy.

I am thankfuls that mommy found me!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I gots laughed at

Today mommy got that stinky wet thing out to clean the floor she says.

I don't know why she wants to clean the floor it smells good to me!

So she pours this stuff all over the floor, she calls it bleach, and scrubs away.

After she was done with the floor near my litter box, I went running down to use it.

I shouldn't have run so fast.

I heard mommy giggle as I ran.

Next thing you know I was laying belly down on the floor.

I skids so fast that I flopped down on my side.

I looked up to see mommy laughing at me.

I rans to my table to hide.

I dont likes to be laughed at.

Friday, June 8, 2007

annoying one

(Molly the annoying one and the handsome hunky Shadow)
When I was new here, these two kept bugging me. Always sniffing my butt and scaring me.
The smaller one I can't stand. She wants to be top cat and I feels that is my position. Besides she gets to play with that handsome boy cat all the time.
Molly always stares at me from mommys bed, she has that look like shes always top cat in mommys world. That's okay though I always stare right back at her and I have a louder meow than she does! Mommy always comes over to me and gives me pets and lovings after she gives em to Molly. I stare right at her and stick my tongue out. hehe
Shadow is sooooooo handsome!! He sometimes comes over to me and gives me kisses. Molly doesn't know this and it makes me giggle with joy.
Ooooooo mommy has something called chinese food, I gotta go beg!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

mommy love

I love my mommy.

I show her my love all the time.

It of course is always different ways that I leave my love. Sometimes I leave a pile of yack under the table as a sign of my love. hehe But the real sign is when I sit on her lap and poke my claws into her. I am so into showing her my love at those times! Mommy says I have needle sharp claws.

I do not like anyone touching my feets. So when mommy tried to cut my claws once, I swiped at her. Mommy says its cuz she thinks I was abused. I'm not sure what abused means but I just know I don't like my feets touched at all.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

To eat or not to eat

I like food alot!

I eat it so fast though because I'm afraid that some other cat will take it from me.

This has caused a problem for me and I get sick.

Mommy keeps buying me different foods.

She thought that because I kept yacking up that dry food was bad for me. So she keeps giving me different wet mushy food, which I love. Some of them are great tasting, others not so yummy. The not so yummy ones get a yack or two on the floor under the table.

Sometimes I even yack on her new white chairs at the table. Thats even funnier to watch her face when she spies that one. hehe I noticed she has put towels on all the chairs so I guess it isn't so funny for her or the others that sit down at the table.

I was a bad kitty the other week, so mommy says. She clicked her tongue at me when she saw that I had used the new kitchen table as a place to sharpen my claws. I thought that the big male guy was going to blow up with how red faced he got. A girl's gotta keep her claws sharp ya know? hehe

Mommy has since gotten me a scratching post. It's this weird "cardboard" thing that I get to rip to shreds! The other two cats have decided, even though they have a fancy big post in the living room, to try out MY scratching pad. I don't mind the big hunky guy scratches my pad but that other female, I don't like her!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I'm new here, here being my new home.

You see, I had a rough life.

My human mommy found me in the parking lot of a mall (thats what she calls it).

I was friendly to her and she scooped me up and took me home.

She placed me in the bathroom so I could settle in. (The other two cats that live here kept bugging me.)

I didn't know if mommy was going to keep me but I knew that she had good food and a warm dry place for me to sleep.

I hid alot in the plastic box they put in there for me. It was warm and quiet.

For awhile I couldn't hear clearly so mommy kept putting this icky stuff into my ears. That stuff made my ears all squishy sounding but I can finally hear better now.

The kids here call me "new kitty", mommy called me "baby" for awhile, but finally the name that stuck was TT. I heard the big man here call me that saying it was short for "table troll". Whats a troll? Mommy makes it sound better though when she says TT Girl.