Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy Gotcha Birthday!




Today is a special day its Molly and Shadow's Birthday/Gotcha Day from 2002 and Trooder's Gotcha Day.  While we dont know Molly and Shadow's real birthday and the Mom can't remember the real gotcha day, she says its easier to say October 12!  It is also Shadow's boys birthday.  Trooder was gotcha'd on October 11, 2008, but we roll them all together to make it easier.  So we have a BIG celebration!

Things have come a LONG way since 2002 for Mom and alla us. She's added new kittehs and doggies, lost a kitty, which we know TT is watching over us and made a big move to this Cranberry County. So let us all celebrate ALL weekend!

 Milk fer kittens

 Niptinis for the adults

 Catnip chew

 Ham that is most nommy

 real live dead shrimps by the truck load

 PARTY MIX for the snack bowls

 FRESH nip gardens to play in

                                                            And of course more hams!

Molly and Shadow are 11 years young and has had 11 gotcha years wif Mom, Trooder has been wif us for 5 Gotcha years!  Let the PARTY begin!