Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Meowy Chrismouse!

Have a safe and wonderful day!  May all your wishes and dreams come true and the new year is a spectacular one!

Alla us at The Misadventures of Me have embraced Toot this Christmas season.  With her limited sight she still enjoyed the lights on the tree and the presents Santa Claws left.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


We want to welcome Toot into our family.  She now is our little Princess to dote on and love even more!  We could not see her go somewhere else when deep down we knew she loved us as much as we loved her! She will always have vision problems and eventually become blind - we accepted that from the start. 

 Toot LOVES I is Jake! yet he cant seem to understand why she's so nice to him (the other cats hiss, growl and swipe at him).  Toot is as much a part of our family as she will ever be.  

Mom Laure

PS - She's a spoiled little girl who LOVES her Dad (the big guy)!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dona Nobis Pacem

All the kittehs and the children are all wishing for peace ......

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Catch Up

 Wow we has lots to catch up with! First Toot!

Toot had 17 fans who supported her visit to the special eye vet with money.  The prognosis is eventually she will be totally blind.  He said she was blind but we still think she see's a bit as she can follow your fingers in the air or motion without any sound made.  We fink that everyone who sent her well wishes were equally helpful in her being able to keep her eye without it being removed!

The mom has been a busy bee lately! First she rescued 3 kittens from a house with a FREE KITTEN sign outside. 
  Dey stayed wif us for about a month before they moved on to a no kill shelter called The Pat Brody Shelter.  The ginger boy was called Little Buddy (acuz he LOVED everyone), the grey one was Skipper (she liked to jump) and the blue eyed one in the back was Monkey (she liked to hang and climb every fing).
Buddy even let the blurp snuggle and sleep wif hims.

Shortly after rescueing dem, her job let her go, so we gets to spend lots of quality time wif hers.  In the mean time she started her own business online HERE, so far she has gotten a few orders !!

Then while at the shelter she volunteers at, a guy came in with a dog he didnt want. Roxy is a 9 pound, 7 year old Boston that I is Jake fell in love wif!

Roxy only stayed for a week and was so cute.  She went on to a rescue called SNORT.  The mom is heart broken that we couldnt keep Roxy acuz we dont have lots of room.

 If you cant see the video you can click on this https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152122587675338 and view it - its a public video so you wont have to be on Facebook to see it.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A word from our The Mom

I have been lax, this I know fully.  I've taken on a new roll as a volunteer and foster parent at Care Southcoast. It actually has evolved into a family affair on Saturday nights. The big guy, Molly's girl, the Blurp (who turned 4 in June) and I all go out and clean the shelter cat area and walk and feed dogs.

The main reason for this post today is that I have a foster kitten named Toot.  She came to me when she was a small kitten of 4 weeks old.  That's her in a laundry basket at work with me in early May.  She came to the shelter because her "owner" couldn't care for her bad eyes.  Her eye's have ulcers in both of them and the left eye has become progressively worse.

The shelter runs on a very small and tight budget and unfortunately wants to just remove her eye.  I want to give her a chance at possible eye sight so am running a chip in to gain some funds to get her to see a specialist.

Bad Left Eye

She is such a love and LOVES the family tremendously.  I would love to keep her but our house size and the amount of dogs/cats/people we have now just isnt possible to keep her.  My wish is to have her go to someone I know so I can keep up with her.  Is that person YOU? :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Purrthday to ME, Sir Trooder Lioncourt

Its my Purrthday!  Do yoo know what? The Mom FORGOT AGAIN!  But I prodded her wif my paw and she said she will let us has a party today into morrow night! 

Celebrate wif us for my grand 7th Purrthday!

Enjoy the nip!
 Ham and Shrimp Cake, too!

 Niptinin's fer the adult kittehs and saucers of milk fer the young ones!

 Incase yer wonderin, I has been busy wif bein the DaddyMommy to Stashy
And foster kitten Toot!

Monday, March 19, 2012

(Mini) Mancat Monday

Hai! Im the noo kid in here. The humans call me Moooooo stash E O. The lady human adopted me a few weeks ago. Ive been here as a "borrowed" kitteh or foster kitten since December.

Dis is me wif my two sisfurs - they went to a rescue and were adopted right away. I was too shy for that rescue so dey returned me and my lady human said she'd "work with" me MOL!! So I came back and escaped my holding area.

And dis is where I hid. So now the lady human adopted me and I gots my neuter done Saturday. I was a big boy and it didnt bother me too much. Im still shy, but I let the human lady and man pet me when I lay wif my buddy Trooder!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

What we've been up to !

We may has mentioned the mom has been volunteering at a shelter but she also brought home 3 foster kittens in December. 2 of the fosters went on to be adopted but this little guy was too "shy" to be put back in the shelter. By shy, we mean, he would flattten his ears and hiss at beans. So the mom said "Let me work with him!" and so we has had Mustachio wif us since January.

He now allows the mom to pet him but only IF Trooder is wif him. We fink he picked Trooder to be his mom! MOL

Monday, January 2, 2012

Merry Christmas Happy New Year - our the mom is lame!

We's been lurking, but she hasn't typed fer us - so furgive us fer the late
Merry Chrismouse and Happy Noo Year!!

Yoo can see, Troo has a total back of disrespect, where as I Mooch gives the evil stink eye - I is Jake! well he tends to like every fing no matter what - silly woofie!!