Friday, August 20, 2010

Blogger Meet up

^^ Hailey's coloured picy of Troo ^^

We hasn't forgot - the mom, she's busy wif dat day / night huntin job (which we fink sucks acuz we cant bisit so much).

We just wanted one last total and a reminder of The meet up dat will happen at Roger Williams Park Zoo, in Providence, RI. It is still happenin on August 28 and the mom wud like to know a time dat everyone feels they can make it there. If yoo email the mom at ttgrrl AT gmail DOT com or iffin yoo know her on dat dreaded facebook, let her know.

On a personal note, we is so sad dat 4 kittehs ran off to da bridge on the same day this week. The mom leaked tons and got our furs wet!