Sunday, June 30, 2013

Easy like Sunday afternoon

I'm enjoying the cool air blower and nappin today. 

I will try and get Mom to visit everyone but she's been busy lately - ill put my paw down to let her know I mean business!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Opps Mom almost forgot our Blogoversary

Its hard to imagine that in June of 2007, I started writing as TT's voice.  I miss her every day but look back at how much joy she gave me in the short time she was with me (a bit over a year).  The first few bloggers to ever comment were Scout, Max, Lee County Clowder , and Daisy !  Some of us keep blogging every day and some of us, well are like me - hardly do it any more.  I love to keep up with everyone's cats and fun but I found when TT died, a piece of my blogging fun left with her.  I tried to continue and I still try to post now and again to this day (  6 years ).

Life changed, we've added a new bean member,new cats and dogs, too.  I enjoy all of you on The Cat Blogosphere and think of each member as if I really knew them.  I might not blog much but I am not leaving.

I've been busy making product for the huge convention this month (June 21 - 23) so if I don't answer you right away I will answer you, as I always do.  Thank you to everyone who makes The CB such a fun, caring family of folks!