Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Matinee

So the mom fell in love wif dis kitten Bobbi.

She fell so much in love wif Bobbi that she offered to foster her acuz Bobbi was weak and getting sick at the shelter. The shelter did all they could for Bobbi but as one volunteer wrote "her frail body couldn't contain her soaring spirit". Poor Bobbi passed away before the mom was able to have her here in our home. So she is looking forward to fostering another kitten or two or three (ok the mom yoo is out of control, slow down a bit) from Grayson Humane Society. Grayson is over full and needs to get fosters or adopters soon or they may have to resort to somefin they dont want to fink about ::whispers:: euthanizing. Please help if you can? Fanks!!