Monday, July 15, 2013

I cant believe she almost forgot my 8th purrthday!!

This was me, then known as Nowhere Man.  I was in a shelter in Grayson Kentucky

This is me now, at 8 years young!  We know that July 15 is not my real Purrthday, we probably wont ever know as I cant recall that time, but we do know it was the birthday of someone who helped save me when I was found in the feral cat group in Grayson County Kentucky.

So now lets celebrate -
                                                 Some crunchy Party Mix!

                                          Shrimps ! Lots and lots of shrimps!


                                            NIP!  We have to have the NIP!

                                          Niptini's fer us older kittehs and of course

                                                        MILK for the little ones!

Fank yoo all fer stoppin by to celebrate my 8th purrthday with me!!