Friday, January 15, 2010

Frootbat Friday (OHBOYOHBOYOHBOY!!)

Huh? Whaaaa?

No I dun wanna go O U T.

*smack smack*
But Ill take dat treat!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Did yoo miss us?

So we told the mom we WANT to blog! We want to bisit wif our furiends!

She said Im sorry Im just too busy right now!

So dis is it THE MOM, we is goin to hire a new secretary if yoo dun help us at least bisit wif our furiends.

Den she hadid the nerve to say "I've been taking care of these guys and ..."

AND this kitteh is among a few dat she saidid she was helpin out.

Dis is Coco, yoo remember hers, she was the kitteh dat the next door neighbor beans threw out in da middle of winter. The mom and da downstairs beans was feedin her and Mooch. Well Mooch and Coco has now come inside and stayed in da basement. Coco actually camps out on da stairs where yoo see her. She is just like Fatty in a way - she eats her foods on our stairs, she sleeps on Fattys blanket (dat Tiki, Tavi, Cami and Cody gaves her), she comes in sumtimes but is really not too sure about certain beans. The mom said she is going to put an adoption notice out fer Coco and Mooch soon, acuz even though they is safe and warmish, she wants them to know LOVE all da time like we do.

I guess we furgives the mom, this once .