Friday, July 30, 2010

Remembering TT and Fatty

Two years and one day ago, our the mom made the hard but wise choice to help TT cross over to the Bridge. The mom's been thinking about her alot lately and we know she misses TT lots.

For a while, the blurp Hailey and the mom would sit on the bed at night, Hailey would play with TT's urn and then when it was time for night nights, Hailey would kiss TT's urn and put it back (where it is kept all the time on the headboard).

Fatty is always thought of too. The mom always visits Fatty's grave by the tree where she liked to lay. Fatty passed just 4 days before TT, 2 years ago as well.

The mom's eyes still leak but she knows that both TT and Fatty suffer no more. The hardest part of loving a furry child is letting them go ...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trooders FIVE today!

Happy Purrthday Trooder!

Lets all go to the Catnip Fields and has a Purrthday Party!

We can not only has catnip but we brought along sum Shrimps

and ham

cat niptinis

bowls of milk too!

FIVE has never felt so gud to Meeeeee, Fank yoo fer helpin me celebrate!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tattle Tale Tabby Tuesday

Hai Kittehs, wow its been ages since dat the mom has let me do my T4! She blames it on the new day huntin job but she dun hunt 24 / 7 does she? Poop on her pillow!!!

So here's whats been goin on -

Grayson Kitties - Rosemary gottdid a FULL sponsorship from a wonderful member of the Cat Blogosphere. A few of us sent in donations towards the full sponsorship of her kittens and for Landry, Eastwick, Paploo and Lorenzo. Now, Landry, Eastwick, Paploo and Lorenzo all gotidid full sponsorship so all green papers left over went towards the sponsorship of Rosemary's kittens. only Caraway, Chicory and Chive need full sponsorship - Justin and Paprika gots theirs.

This badge is for the CB beans that reached out and helped - all the way from as far away as Australia to the mid west of the USA! Yoo beans ROCK!!


Guess who will has a Purrthday on July 15? Dat's right, Trooder will be FIVE whole years old this week! Come by on Thursday to help us celebrate!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday America!

Happy Purrthday America, we hope you all has a great July 4th!

A quick reminder from Mom -

The following have a PTS date of MONDAY JULY 5. I was told by Grayson that if any animal has a sponsorship that the PTS will be put off. A sponsorship basically, involves making a donation in any amount to help cover the vetting needs of the shelter pet of your choice. If you would like to pay the full sponsorship fee for a cat or kitten, it costs $55.

***URGENT *** Rosemary's kittens:

black male kitten:

Eastwick - black adult cat
Landry - black and white tuxie cat adult
Lorenzo - barn cat only

PLEASE help me save these babies - even if its a dollar per cat/kitten - it WILL help them.

Thank you,

Mom Laure

EDIT: I just donated $20 Sponsorship $ FOR Rosemary's kittens: Capers,Caraway,Chicory,Chive, Justin Thyme,Paprika PLUS Paploo, Eastwick,Lorenzo,Landry

EDIT - GOOD NEWS - Lorenzo, Eastwick, Landry and Paploo got FULL sponsorship by other people this weekend. Any other donations that mentions Rosemary's kittens will be put together to see how much is needed for full sponsorship of the kittens. They aren't out of trouble yet, but its a start!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Frootbat Friday

Hai ! I is Jake here!! I didnt know I has frootbats while I sleep, even if that blurpy snuggled up against me - I usually head in the other direction from hers, well unless she's got foods then I sit near her.
::springs in my feet::
::springs in my feet::

I is Jake!!

PLEASE view the URGENT kittehs that need rescue, there are 7 kittens and a mama on the July 5 PTS list!