Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy 1st Gotcha Day Toot!

We are so excited to say that Toot has been wif us for one whole year. This is the day the mom went and picked her up from the shelter and because she fell in love with her from there on it will be remembered as Toot's Gotcha Day!!

Help us celebrate wif some nip fields
Milk for the younger ones
Shrimp and ham cakes

We love you Toot!

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Mom failed in her posting lessons

First off, the mom promised us a post at least once a week. THAT did not happen! So then we said hey Mom gives us time at least once every other week.  Guess what else did not happen.  Mom FAILED!

So we shall update you now.  Mom has been busy with her business and trying to find ways to get more business.  We've got our paws crossed acuz we really like our stinky goodness!

Toot is doing ok.  She went to the eye man and he confirmed that she is indeed blind.  While the mom is still in denial about that she will always love us with whatever issues, difficulties and handicaple stuffs we has.

Toot has a facebook page.You can find it under Toots Adventures

Heres a cute video of Toot, the foster kittens and Stashy.  We are really trying to figure out if there was nip hid in that box!