Thursday, August 2, 2012

A word from our The Mom

I have been lax, this I know fully.  I've taken on a new roll as a volunteer and foster parent at Care Southcoast. It actually has evolved into a family affair on Saturday nights. The big guy, Molly's girl, the Blurp (who turned 4 in June) and I all go out and clean the shelter cat area and walk and feed dogs.

The main reason for this post today is that I have a foster kitten named Toot.  She came to me when she was a small kitten of 4 weeks old.  That's her in a laundry basket at work with me in early May.  She came to the shelter because her "owner" couldn't care for her bad eyes.  Her eye's have ulcers in both of them and the left eye has become progressively worse.

The shelter runs on a very small and tight budget and unfortunately wants to just remove her eye.  I want to give her a chance at possible eye sight so am running a chip in to gain some funds to get her to see a specialist.

Bad Left Eye

She is such a love and LOVES the family tremendously.  I would love to keep her but our house size and the amount of dogs/cats/people we have now just isnt possible to keep her.  My wish is to have her go to someone I know so I can keep up with her.  Is that person YOU? :)