Friday, November 30, 2007

Santa Claws is comings to town ...

You Are Comet

A total daredevil, you're the reindeer with an edge!

Why You're Naughty: You almost gave Santa a heart attack when you took him sky diving

Why You're Nice: You always make sure the sleigh is going warp speed

Which of Santa's Reindeer Are You?

We all can'ts waits to have Santa Claws here. And the littlest bean suggesteds that we shoulds also make sure we gives somethings to Fatty. She is such a smart little bean!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

T 13 (What I's scared of)

It feels good to get back into my routine of bloggings. I really missed the cat blogosphere and all the kittys.

Todays Thursday 13 is the different things I's am scared of ...

  1. I am scareds of being left all alone in a huge cement place again
  2. I am scarit of the PTU cuz that means I am going to the v-e-t.
  3. I's scared that I wont get enough stinky goodness, which means I gobble it up and then yack all over mommy beans chairs or floor. - Sorry Mommy Bean.
  4. I am scairt of goings outside. I don'ts want to be left alone again.
  5. I's scared that Molly will whap me.
  6. I's scairt of being in the big metal machine while I's in a PTU. I do better to just ride in Mommy Beans lap.
  7. Sometimes I am scairt of using my litter. I don'ts like the smell or the feel under my feets.
  8. I am scairt of that white blanket on mommy bean's bed. It rolled me up in it last night and woulds not let me out. I was so scarit that I meowed alot! It's wouldn'ts let me out of its grasp!
  9. I gets a little scairt when Mommy Bean leaves the house, I worry she wont's be back for me.
  10. I am's also a little scairt of that foamy stuff Mommy Bean puts on the brush for my furs. It smells funny and makes a weird noise.
  11. I am's scairt of the squirty bottle.
  12. I am really scairt of fast movements.
  13. Really tall beans scare me too.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wordy Wednesday

Mommy Bean's did's it! All the packages were sents this mornings. She was so exciteds to get the prizes out too!
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So kittys please watch out for the mails bean in the next week!

I's been practicing my bladder dance and boob kneeds alot lately. I have even been sleepings next to the big male bean. He isn'ts so bad I guess. He even gaves me scritches the other night. Mommy bean still doesn'ts knows why I am scareds of him but it's cuz he's so high up in the air and moves so fast. It's also cuz he squirts me with the water bottle!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Prize Packages Ready

After a gazillion days, mommy bean finally gots the prize packages all set. She is one picky lady bean. I guess cuzeds she works alot lately she may have just forgotten. I forgives her thoughs.

Mom Bean was sortings out the stuff on her bed and lefts it there while she wents to go do sumthins. When she comes back
SOME kitty had stolen a prize outs of one of the boxes! I was so upsets that this kitty did that but the big male bean and mommy bean laugheds at that kitty.

You's see that? They didn'ts even waits for Mommy to takes it out of the bag, they dids it! Luckily Mommy was able to save it from that kitty!

Mommy Bean says she is goings to send them in the post marrow mornings. We just need Skeezix to send us their snail mail addy.

As a side note, Fatty came inside our house yesterday. Shadow was so exciteds cuz the first time she was face to face with hims, she hissed ats him! hahaha Fatty gaves Shadow a kiss on the nose and then turned and lefts the house. Shadow was so happy but Molly wasn't! Molly whapped him right on the head. hahaha That was very funny to see!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm a crazy kitty (mommy bean said so)

I decided to lets mommy bean sleeps. She really lookeds like she hads a long day. After she cames home from the hunting store, she gots ready for bed and laid down. The littlest bean came in and laid downs with her (just like I do) and I hads to do the same.

Soon Mommy Bean was sound asleep and so was the bean girl. The big guy took her outs of mommy beans bed and put her on her own. Soon the house was dark and we all were sleepings.

I woke up at 230 o'clock to play thundering herd of elephants. I kept this up until I was exhausted. Then I am goings to play some more games with mommy bean. I read all about how to dance on the bladder from the cat blogosphere so I figureds I give its a shot. At first I was doing it all wrong, as I didn'ts get the reaction the directions said. So I moved up more until I founds it. hahaha Mommy Bean gots up and headed towards the human litter box. After that, she laids back down and gave me scritches.

I figureds if I could try two games in one nights why nots another? Hey, I missed my mommy and required to gets her attention. The next game I tried (and learnd from the cat blogosphere) was kneed the boob. I was okay doing this the first time trying. I did get a readjustment from mommy though, and put down by her knee. So I went's back and did it again. Yup, she puts me by her leg again.

By this time, I was tired and needed a nap. Mommy Bean says she has to works again today late in that retail place. I am so glads she is comings home earlier today than she did yesterdays.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Our Bellys are stuffeds

Oh the smells comings from that cooking thing. Turkey and Ham was in theres and we all coulds smells it. We was offered some ham and turkey, I likes them both but Molly and Shadow just walkeds away from it. Fatty gotted some turkey and gravy stinky goodness this mornings. She was scareds of all the noise up here's Shadow said, so Fatty stayd hiddens in the basement waitings.

It was a wonderfuls day for us all, even thoughs there was way too many beans here for any of us kittys. We all stayed in our rooms till the noise wents away and then came out to celebrate.

Mommy Bean is goings to be busy the next few days with something calleds Black Friday (and the weekend) so she saids I mights not be on much till thats all done. I guesseds her job has somethings to do with thats so she said she'd be lots tired and may nots have a chance to be on the computer. So incase we don'ts stops by we wanted to wishes everyone a great weekend!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Contest winners and our 100th post

It's our 100th post. Boy we planned this one out well huh? We not only are markings this event but it all ties in with Thanksgiving (or as us kittys here say Turkey Eattin Day!) our contest, and where we live.

We's hads a hard time picking winners. Mommy Bean said we shoulds throw names in a hat and pick. I don't understand how that would get's some kitty a prize thoughs? So we's hads a few ties for 2 catagories so we's going to honor each kitty in that areas of the contest. You alls gets prizes! Email us with a snail mail address so we's can send out your great prizes!

The Bestest Stories


My First Thanksgiving Day

It was 1992. I had only been in the cave a few weeks (an didn’t efen
know what “weeks” were then). I was finally getting used to the place
(SO LARGE) and to Tinkerbelle (SO MEAN), when I smelt such fabulous smells…

I dint know what the smells were. Just that they smelt Soooooo gooood…
My mouth was waterin an I had even had my dinner (and a good one too).
But these smells were, like, jawsome!

The Big Thing was makin really serious Big Thing food for the first time
since I arrived (and oh wow, Big Things eat so good). My tummy was all
full, but it still rumbled. Can ya imagine that? Jus 3 weeks from havin
ta fight for bad food an such smells like “allofasudden”...

Well, The Big Thing was jus makin it fer hisself, I figured. I mean, I
hadn’t seen any ofer Beins aroun the place yet (an dint wanna see
either, after all I’d been through). So I was down there onna floor, ya
know? An smellin all the great smells and figurin I wouldn’t get any. I
could smell bird an ham, an “other stuff”. It was both great an sad
smellin it all. I knew I couldn’t get up onna table.

Ya know what he did? He put 2 plates onna ofer side of the table and put
turkey an ham an gravy on it, an there was no ofer beins there. He
called Tinkerbelle up to share wif him. I almost died of sadness. But
then he lifted me onna table and said “Happy Thanksgiving Skeeter,
welcome to the family”.

He efen had all mine in special little bitty pieces so I wouldn’t choke

Can you imagine that? We got to eat the same things he did, and AT THE

It was my first Thankgiving Dinner an THE BEST ONE EFER! I knew I’d
found my forever home before that, but I nefer dreamed it would be THAT

Samantha's Thanksgiving Story

I was only 4 months old my first Thanksgiving and I loved jumping up on the table. Mr. Tigger and Ariel warned me that I would get in trouble, especially with all the family coming over. I thought no way, cause I was only a kitten and kittens get all the breaks. So while Mom was daughterbean was getting everything ready. I jumped up on the chair and poked my nose over the table, hoping no one would see me, and boy was that Turkey smelling good. So I reached my paw, geez I just wanted a taste and zap it was raining in the house. I looked around and saw sonbean with the squirt bottle. He never like me anyway! So I jumped down and walked over to Mom and gave her my sorrowfulest mew and she picked me up and petted me. And said, did that mean son of mine squirt you? Then she put me down and gave Mr. Tigger, Ariel and me a big plate of turkey. Boy was it good. Later in the day I got even with the son by climbing up his leg with my sharp kitten claws and (hehehe) he had shorts on.

The Bestest Indian


The Bestest Pilgrims

This is Daisy as Humility Cooper.

We are drest up as owr faverite pilgrims: Stephen Hopkins (Mao) and Elizabeth Hopkins (me - Skeezix). They are Mr Tasty Face's great-great-great-great-great

Happy Turkey Eattin Day!

Care2 Thanksgiving eCards!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wordless (almost) Wednesday

We alls (that includes homeless Fatty) woulds likes to say we are Thankful for all the wonderful Kitty friends and beans we has met on the Cat Blogosphere!

SPECIAL REMINDER: Tonights the last night to enter our contest! We's going to pick 3 winners - one for pilgrim, one for Indian (native American) and one for best story! On Turkey Eatting Day we will post the winners!

GOOD LUCKS everyone.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

TT (toesie and tummy) Tuesday

Molly has that lady like look when showing off her toes and tummy. I woulds have never thoughts she coulds pulls that off.

Monday, November 19, 2007

We can gets along

Do you see this? This is me's and Molly sitting on the bed togethers!! Usually Mommy Bean has gots to sit between us for this to happen but we did this ALL day Sunday by our selfs. At first we kindas were upset but we decided if we's both were comfy cozy we's should be ables to do this. Mommy bean was so happy that we gots along!

Midnight Mancat Monday

His furs looks red's likes mine but he is all mancat to me!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

My box of Life meme

I was tagged by Mickey to do this very special meme that was made by Miss Peach .

This one will make you think about what is really important to you. So think about your treasures. What would you keep?

From Miss Peach's Blog :

A SIMPLE BUT VERY IMPORTANT MEME: List your treasures and tag other kitties and their humans also, as many as you like. Let this reflection spread through out the world. We need to count our contentments as Blessings!

~~~What do you look back over and treasure enough to place inside your BOX OF LIFE?~~~

  • I treasure my mommy bean. She foundeds me and saveds me from the mean cruel world.
  • I would keeps my stinky goodness in there, but only the kinds I like.
  • Catnip must go in this box. I has discovereds its GREAT!
  • I would likes to keep my fresh airs seats there too. When its cold it goes away. This makes me sad.
  • The special friends and kittys on the Cat Blogosphere. They make our day even better by reading their blogs.
I am onlys going to tag a few kittys so as to make sure we don'ts miss every furryone here.

  1. Adan
  2. Lee County Clowder
  3. Pouty Scouty
  4. Tamra Maew

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Simple Saturday

Mommy bean has been really busys with her job this weeks. She says that retail is unforgivings this time of year. I am nots sure what she does or what retails is but I knows when she comes homes I sits on her laps and purr. I have also taken to chewings on her hair. It tastes so yummy for some reasons. I don'ts know how to tells her that I really don'ts like that fish stinky goodness she gots me. It's not tuna so I reallys dont likes it. Anyone wants to comes over for some stinky goodness, I am willings to share it alls.

I finallys got the prize package together with mommy beans help of courseds. Its gots really neat toys and treats and even one extras special treat. Of course I mades sure she gots Temptashuns for the winner! Can you believes they make them in Turkey flavors??

Fatty will even gets Turkey on Turkey eatting day! Mommy beans gots turkey stinky goodness for all us kittys and we' s decideds to share with Fatty.

What a wonderfuls thanksgivings its going to be!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

No Thursday 13 today BUT

Yesterdays I posteds a slide show of Mommy Beans visit to the Mayflower 2. It was a replica of the originals ship that sailed here to America. Mommy said that she certainly woulds not have liked to take that ship across the big pond. (I thinks its cuz Mommy gets sea sick on any boat, not cuz it looks uncomfy.)

Todays slide show is about Burial Hill. There were many graves there, although it was originally for the Fort that was there. The Powder House was torn down as it was made of wood and they sold that. (The Powder House was where they kept the wepons.) Mommy Bean said she could see why they chose that area for a fort, you could see everywhere from that hill.

The second part of the slide show is about the The National Monument to the Forefathers.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wordless Wednesday (Tribute to the Pilgrims)

I forgots to say that this is the Mayflower 2. It is a replica of the original Mayflower that the pilgrims came over to the USA in.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday Tube Vid

I thinks that Shadow has had enoughs time showing his toes. Molly doesn't show her bellys much and me well I don'ts like the belly on me eithers.

So today I am going to have a Tuesday Tube Vid here. We watcheds it so many times we couldn'ts help but shares. Sparta, the kitty in the video really likes to put the bitey on his human.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Wooo Hooo our first entry

We gots so excited when we reads our first entry in our 100th post contest.

Skeeter And LC wrote us to tell us a story of Skeeter's first Thanksgiving with The Big Thing.

Mommy Bean's smiled widely and said that was a greats story.

Thankfully, she has 2 other beans that are goings to help with the contest cuz she loves ALL stories about animals and their beans. Mommy Bean is a right softy when it comes to stuff like that.

Good lucks to you all, we are looking forward to more entries!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

To honor those

We kittys and beans here want to honor those that have served to help keep all of us free. We have family and friends who have served in the armed forces and some who have fought in wars.

We thank you all for keeping us safe, for fighting for our freedom and for those that have given their life we salute you and NEVER will forget you.

And Mommy Bean says this song has always made her cry. So she wanted to shares it all with everyones.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hello Kitty Friends

I've been keeping busy, laying next to mom of course, keeping warm.

It really has been a bit colds latelys and I makes sures I keep cozy warm with mommy bean.

Molly is a bits upset that I am sittings with mommy bean so much. Today thoughs she sat on the beds with me and mommy bean. I did keep my eye on her's cuz sometimes she likes to smack me with her paws.

Mommy bean is trying new foods again on me. She read somethings about Iam's food company and said I wasn't goings to gets food from thems any more. She was upset thats they do animals testing. So she founds this stuff called Natural Life kitty food. Its really good stinky goodness, excepts the lambs, I don'ts likes that one. The company that makes it also meets her approval because the stinky goodness is all natural and they work with charitable corporations.

Mommy Beans cames home with a bag todays. I had to investigates it of course. She gots more stuff for the prize pack. I am nots sure I should tell as it may ruins the surprise. I will's say its a few toys thoughs. I can'ts wait to see whats everyones going to do for this.

I also's can't believes that it will be my 100th post soon!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday 13

13 Reasons why we love to blog

  • Molly We get to watch mom type what we say.
  • Shadow We get to meet new kittys and woofies
  • TT We gets new ideas from alls our kittys friends.
  • TT We gets to learn about different places.
  • Shadow I have learned just how many kittys like nip as much as I do!
  • Molly We love to read how other kittys got their furever home.
  • TT I gets to tell the world how I feels.
  • Shadow I get to look at all the sexy felines out there.
  • Molly We learned new phrases like spot 13 and NOMS.
  • TT Reading the blogs makes me want to play again.
  • Shadow I get to show off my big paws.
  • Molly The flash box stays off me and more on the others.
  • Mom It makes me smile, laugh and cry to read about other kitty households.

We wanted to let you all know about our kits and cousin now has a blog. You can read it here.

Also, please spread the word about Diabetes Awareness this month. We took our badge from Parkers Blog. Both Parker's Mommy and our mommy have diabetes and want to help fight this disease.

Thursday 13

1…. Start your list here!

Links to other Thursday Thirteens!
1. (leave your link in comments, I’ll add you here!)

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I trieds it and I likes it!

Oh my cats! I tried it and OMC's I LOVE IT's.

One second I gots to get some foods.

Okay so mommy bean got's some nip outs for Shadow and I was really curious as to whys he likes it so muchs. So I meoweds loudly at mommy bean. She broughts me over the huge container fulls of nip and lets me sniff. I wasn'ts sure what to do's next so I rans for mommy beans bed.

Scuse me I gots to get somethings to eats again.

Where was I's?

So then mommy bean broughts the container of lushious nip to the beds.

And see that look in my eyes it says


Now I gots some food and some napping to do.

Wordless Wednesday


(this is not for weak tummy kittys or beans)

And the reason

beans should not buy

white cushion chairs

with kids or yacky cats

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Toesie Tuesday

Shadow has raiseds his paws for Toesie Tuesday so here we are withs him stretching and gettings ready to flomp over on his back for mommy bean.

It was a toughs job but I slepts next to mommy bean all days and nights yesterdays. She must be's feelings better cuz she poureds herself a cup of that hot black stuff from the counter again. (She says I should call that coffee.) I dids alot of purring yesterdays which I thinks helpeds her out. She says she has to go back to work todays but she made a weirds noise when she saids that. *folds ear back* Thanks for everyones happy healing thoughts.

Just a reminder :

Monday, November 5, 2007

TT the bean alarm clock

As usuals mommy beans noise maker goes offs at its usuals times. I was alreadys doings my job ands was sittings next to hers. Mommy bean usually spends a few moments with me to say good mornings sunshine and gives me a few scritches. This mornings though she patteds the pillow next to hers and rolleds back over. That's not something mommy bean normally does so I knews I hads to do somethings to get her to get up to gives me my stinky goodness. Finally she took the covers offs her and I thoughts "YES stinky goodness times!" but she fooleds me. She just lay there. So I's walked overs to her and give her a couple of licks on her neck. She smileds at me and scritched me some mores.

I heards her make a noise like I do when I yack so I rans for my chairs. Shes not her selfs today but at least shes homes with me todays.

I can'ts wait to see every kitty / bean / NOMS entry. The male bean and the littlest bean will helps judge the entries cuz mommy beans wants to gives everyones a treats (but her greens papers just wonts stretch that fars she said).

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Our 100th post Contest

So TT and Mom had their naps and have finally decided what the contest will be. It was a hard choice because we all know how some kittys don't like clothes (like us). So there will be two ways to enter the contest.

You can enter by either writing a story about Thanksgiving (real or made up) but it has to have you as a character in it.


You can dress up like your favorite pilgrim or indian and send us a picture.

Here are the rules:
  • You have to at least have a blog (bean or kitty or any NOMS)
  • Only one entry per bean, kitty or NOMS
  • Send the entry to TT's address (ttgrrl at gmail dot com) with the subject as 100th post contest. Make sure you include your blog url too.
  • All entries have to be sent by (or on) Wednesday, November 21, 2007
  • We will announce the winner on Turkey Eatting day (Thanksgiving).

Mom has a few prizes already for the contest which she said she wanted to keep a surprise but I swear I saw Temtashuns around.

Oh yea seeing as this started out as TT's blog she wanted to say something about this as well.

Good luck everyfurryone, we can'ts wait to see's what you's gots....

Saturday, November 3, 2007


So mommy bean and I has been thinkings about our 100th post contest. We still have a nap time to think about this buts we will post the contest tomarrows. We's knows that there are lots of picture contests but am unsures if thats what we wants to do. We think the contest will tie in nicely with Turkey eattings day. And because we lives near lots of cranberry bogs and that big rock the pilgrams landeds on it makes the contest even mores specials to us.

Untils to marrows kittys and beans ...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday 13

What we like most about each other and our house ....

TT Girl
  1. I love how I gets lots of loves from my beans (specially mommy bean)
  2. I loves how Shadow has a deep but soft meow.
  3. I loves looking outs my fresh air seat.
  4. I loves how Molly stopped picking on me so much. (Mommy Bean made me say something nice about Molly.)
  1. I like when my boy is home and I can cuddle snuggle with him.
  2. I like when Fatty is by the door; it gives me somekitty else to talk to.
  3. I like when Molly licks behind my rear ear.
  4. I like to watch TT and Molly fight.
  1. I love my moms bathrobe,especially when she lets me sit and kneed on it.
  2. (Do I really have to say something nice about Table Troll mom?) I LOVE when Troll is asleep and I can attack her.
  3. I love sitting on the littlest beans bed on my kneeding blanket.
  4. I love sitting next to mom on her bed, with Shadow on OUR red kneeding blanket.
Mommy Bean
  1. I love ALL my kitty kids and that they all have different personalities.