Monday, March 19, 2012

(Mini) Mancat Monday

Hai! Im the noo kid in here. The humans call me Moooooo stash E O. The lady human adopted me a few weeks ago. Ive been here as a "borrowed" kitteh or foster kitten since December.

Dis is me wif my two sisfurs - they went to a rescue and were adopted right away. I was too shy for that rescue so dey returned me and my lady human said she'd "work with" me MOL!! So I came back and escaped my holding area.

And dis is where I hid. So now the lady human adopted me and I gots my neuter done Saturday. I was a big boy and it didnt bother me too much. Im still shy, but I let the human lady and man pet me when I lay wif my buddy Trooder!