Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Matinee

Mommy Bean originally wanted to cancel the Saturday Matinee. But I talkeds her into keeping it going. She said, she didn'ts has the heart to do anything serious but wanted to have something that makes her laugh.

So I saids to her whats about that comedian Jeff Dunham (dot com) that makes you laughs? She saids she was afraid it may offends folks but will put the video up for those that want a laugh.

By the ways, if you goto this site called Rescue Waggin' you can donate $1 green paper to the charity just by watching Spunky the woofie taking the Ride of her life!

"The Rescue Waggin' ® program was created by PetSmart Charities to help save the lives of homeless dogs and puppies by transporting them from areas of high pet population (where they face certain euthanasia) to shelters where adoptable dogs are in demand."


Daisy said...

I know Fatty would not want you to be sad, so I am glad you put up something funny. You know Fatty is still there, inside your heart.

Mickey's Musings said...

Hi guys :) The movie was pretty good! That puppet bean sure looked funny,heehee
We really liked watching Spunky get a new home!!!!
I bet you are still missing Fatty lots & lots too .

Purrs Mickey

Karen Jo said...

Your video was pretty funny. I liked it. Fatty would not like you to be sad all the time. She is running around meadows full of sunshine and really enjoying herself.

Mr. Echo said...

Fatty is happy and hellthee at the Bridge now. And how nice to send food along. Nikki always liked crunchies so I hope she got sum. Thanks fur comin by my bloggy.