Saturday, November 1, 2008

TT's Saturday Matinee

G'day kittys. We is goin to wrap up our haunted week wif one of the mom's favorite tv shows Ghost Hunters (aka T.A.P.S). As yoo know from our previous posts, the mom does believe in ghosts so we know where we can find her on Wednesday nights - watchin this show. Here are the best 10 video clips of the show ...


Karen Jo said...

Those clips are pretty spooky. I think I would like this show very much, but I have never seen it. I'll have to check to see what channel it's on.

Shaggy and Scout said...

This was really neat! Mom believes too. Her story is from 13 years ago when her father died 300 miles from where we live. Mom was sitting in the quiet house,
the boys had gone to play ball at the park. She was just reading, although papa had been sick for a couple years it wasn't anything she was thinking about. In fact she was glad to have an hours free time to do some quiet reading. Then all of of sudden she clearly heard her dads voice coming from the entry way by the door. He said one word - his pet name for her- and mom clearly heard it and recognized it was his voice. She even turned around and said "dad?" knowing it was impossible for him to be there. Of course moms heart went totally wacky with pounding so hard and her knees went weak and she asked again "dad?"
Her papa died a couple hours later. Was he trying to break the news to her or comfort her ahead of time? Was he so concerned about her from his deathbed that he was transported in a way to our house, or his voice at least?
Mom also senses the presence of her girlhood cat who was her best friend. He died when she was 20, just after she got married. Its been 28 years now and sometimes she can feel him pressing against her legs in bed as he used to do. It's rare, but has happened maybe 3 times and she intuitively knows its him. We humans live as such limited one dimensional beings we just cannot fathom the ways of these things when they happen.
Mom went back & cried when she watched the video of TT. How lovely. As if this isn't enough, we want to thank you for your kind words during this trying and stressful week. The cat blogosphere is phenominal and the outporing from kittes & people we never even met was so touching. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

First I love love love your new bloggie look!! And it is so much easier for the Mommas bad eyes to read :)
We haz seen this clip many times!
We had to buy the first season on DVD of Ghost hunters coz it does not show here on regular TV ( we will not pay $99 a month for pay TV here :(
It is a neat show!!
Ifs your Momma likes that show she should check out an English one ( our favorite) Most Haunted.
They go to all these spooky old places that a reported to be haunted and have all the equipment but also take along mediums (which Momma loves).
But see you also get to see the spooky stuff but also get to see in many old stately homes some dating back to the 1500's which is puuurrrretyy cool! (yeah Momma loves old stuffs) hehe

Oh Boy sorry for the way out long post!!
Have a happy weekend guys!! :


The Cat Realm said...

A very happy belated Halloween! We hope you got lots of treats!!!

Maggie May said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!
~The Creek Cats~