Saturday, December 6, 2008

TT's Saturday Matinee

The mom is in a funk, so blogging is not as frequent as we wud like. We promised we wud keep up wif Saturday Matinee so todays is all bout Christmas and Santa Claws.

Santa Paws telling his story about Alley the Cat


Everycat said...

Hahaha! the naughty kittens! We really liked the Santa Paws story too, it's good to see a reminder not to give us as presents. We hope your Mom's funk doesn't last long and she soon feels better.

Rumbly purrs

Whicky Wuudler & Family

Anonymous said...

You're not alone in your blue funk... our humans are kinda blue too. Must be the weather. Anyway, we're going to try to take their minds off it. Hope things brighten up your way soon.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Sometimes we don't feel like blogging either... The Woman has been doing a lot of posts up front so she doesn't have to do them every day...

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you Momma is funky! Just tell her to haves a shower! heheheh
Just teasing!! :P
It 's a very busy time of year for a lot of peeps and I think everyboddie understand :)
Luckily most peoplez have readers nowdays and it tells them there are new posts, so you don;t need to post every day :))