Friday, October 26, 2007

Auntie's got kitties too

Trouble (one of Molly and Shadows kits)
New Kitten

Mommy beans sister tooks home anothers kitty. She's the little grey ones up there. Trouble is Molly and Shadow's baby. Trouble is nows 3 years olds and still likes to drinks out of the toilets.


Parker said...

That is a very cute kitten!

Mickey's Musings said...

Cute little kitty.
Trouble appears to be named appropriately! That's quite a pose!!! Hhahahahahahahaha!!!

Thanks for your comments about Miss Peach,she is such a sweet cat!

Anonymous said...

Yes Trouble is all he came to as a kitten & well his brother Mischif is a lil camera shy. The newest member is from an outside(nobody owns me, I just took up residence)litter that a pool hall buddy told me about that he takes care of & finds homes for. She has yet to be given a name but she has only been around 3wks in our home. Took the boys 2wks to warm up to her & now she's just like one of the family. (except when she bites Trouble's butt when he's sleeping);p

Daisy said...

If the toilet was not meant for drinking from, why is it all full of water?