Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hello Kitty Friends

I've been keeping busy, laying next to mom of course, keeping warm.

It really has been a bit colds latelys and I makes sures I keep cozy warm with mommy bean.

Molly is a bits upset that I am sittings with mommy bean so much. Today thoughs she sat on the beds with me and mommy bean. I did keep my eye on her's cuz sometimes she likes to smack me with her paws.

Mommy bean is trying new foods again on me. She read somethings about Iam's food company and said I wasn't goings to gets food from thems any more. She was upset thats they do animals testing. So she founds this stuff called Natural Life kitty food. Its really good stinky goodness, excepts the lambs, I don'ts likes that one. The company that makes it also meets her approval because the stinky goodness is all natural and they work with charitable corporations.

Mommy Beans cames home with a bag todays. I had to investigates it of course. She gots more stuff for the prize pack. I am nots sure I should tell as it may ruins the surprise. I will's say its a few toys thoughs. I can'ts wait to see whats everyones going to do for this.

I also's can't believes that it will be my 100th post soon!


Unknown said...

Are you serious about the huge bucket of nip? If you are, I'll tell you. Heehee.

Daisy said...

I'm glad you found some foodies that you like. I am working on my 100th post contest entry! Maybe you could get it posted on Skeezix's contest list or on the Cat Blogosphere so nocat forgets.

The Meezers or Billy said...

we has nefur hadded Iams. The ones who came 'afore neverliked it, so she just never buys it.

Parker said...

Good for your Mommy - Iams is an awful company and they don't deserve to profit from animals.