Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday 13 #8

Things I do that Mommy Bean Loves:

  1. When she is asleep, I lean overs, look at hers and then reach my paw out. I don't touch her thoughs but I wants to.
  2. I sleep right next to hers usually by her leg.
  3. When Mommy bean is not home, I always nap on her side of the big comfy thing she lays on at night.
  4. I meow at her when its time to eat, its always good to remind her its time to eat!
  5. When she comes home from being out a squillion hours, I always greet her at the door.
  6. Eatting dinner with her is great, I make sure I sit on her lap and inspect her food first.
  7. Sometimes I must be annoying like nudging her elbow while she types.
  8. I MUST stare at her, at any given time.
  9. She loves when I jump up on the big table and walk in front of her.
  10. Mommy Bean loves when I yack on the floor. I mean thats why she says "Oooooo TT" so much when she picks it up, right?
  11. Mommy Bean loves when I hug her. I puts one paw on each side of her neck and lean in.
  12. I've learned how to give kisses. Mommy Bean loves that I lick her hand or neck.
  13. She loves when I squint my eyes, lean into her and puuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr.


Daisy said...

TT you are so sweet, those are very wonderful things you do. I especially like #1. I can just picture you doing that!

Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...

Great Thursday Thirteen. You certaintly are sweet to your Mommy.

Mark's Mews (Marley, Lori, Loki, and Binq) said...

We think the Beins save the yack. They treat it SO carefully, so it MUST be valuable...

Mickey's Musings said...

Great T13 TT :) I like to run and greet Mom at the door too. I also love to lay on her clothes. It's so nice to see that you and your Mom have a special bond :) I think she really likes you:)
Merry Christmas
Purrs Mickey

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

TT, Thank you, I recieved your Christmas card, I will post on my Christmas eve :)

I think your mommy loves you very much. In my house, I am not able to jump on the dining table, Pamilla wouldn't allowed it since I was a baby, so, I won't jump on it.
I sit on the chair just like human do, But luckly. I can jump on Michico's desk table. She spoiles me very much I think it's very easy to see that. I even jump on her shoulder let her take me walk around the house.

I like you sleeping on your mommy's bed while she goes out, you also love her so deeply. I am very happy to know~!!
Mommy is always the best.

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Wonderful list, TT! :) It is very sweet that you hug and kiss your mom. :)

Tybalt said...

You are a wonderful kitty!

MErry Christmas and Happy New Year! I am sure Sandy Paws is going to be GREAT to you this year! Purrs!