Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I gots laughed at

Today mommy got that stinky wet thing out to clean the floor she says.

I don't know why she wants to clean the floor it smells good to me!

So she pours this stuff all over the floor, she calls it bleach, and scrubs away.

After she was done with the floor near my litter box, I went running down to use it.

I shouldn't have run so fast.

I heard mommy giggle as I ran.

Next thing you know I was laying belly down on the floor.

I skids so fast that I flopped down on my side.

I looked up to see mommy laughing at me.

I rans to my table to hide.

I dont likes to be laughed at.


Scout said...

I haS done that a TiMes or3.. EveRYTime MomY satrts SiNGINg SliP, SliDDen AWay... DoNot no wHAt tath meanS...

StooPid WeT floore..

StOOpid PaWl sImon...

Max said...

I slide on the wood floors all the time. It can be fun if no one's laughing...