Saturday, June 23, 2007

I've taken over

I just have to say I am Molly and I am taking over Table Trolls blog right now.

Yes you got it, Table Troll is what she is.

Mommy is way too sickly sweet calling her TT Girl. *yack*

I don't like her either, nor does she according to the blog but let me tell you my point of view.

I had a rough start too.

My brother Shadow and I were thrown out by some bean with our mommy cat when we were babies. Shadow wasn't so well when Mommy came and got him from the cold ground near the wood log we were staying in. I wouldn't let mommy touch me though, I was too scared and didn't trust beans much any more.

It seemed like a long time before Mommy came back to get me. All I had were other
beans who tried to coax me into going with them, and then there was my mommy cat too. I finally couldn't trick Mommy bean any more and she swept me up just as I swiped her with my paw. HA! That'll teach her to touch me, I thought. I was wrong.

She brought me to her warm home. She placed me in a basket with MY brother! I was so happy to see him. He was so much better then when I last saw him. Last time I saw him he was soooo cold and could barely lift his head. I kissed and kissed him. And then I found the food Mommy had left out for Shadow and me.

It took me a very long time to trust Mommy bean. According to Mommy bean we've been with her for 4 years now. I know when I'm loved and Mommy bean LOVES me. So let it be known, I do not like Table Troll either but at least every other bean and kitty knows our story too.

TT, Shadow and Molly


Daisy said...

Hi Molly! Thanks for telling us all about you and Shadow, too. I am glad you have such a good forever home now. That bean who threw you out is very very very BAD.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Hi, Molly & Shadow. Good to know you managed to find a good furrever home together.

Some beans are just plain MEAN.

Did your mommy cat and the rest of your kittie family find homes, too?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the mommy cat was killed by a car before I could get her. =( Only Molly and Shadow were in the log or around when I discovered them, so I haven't a clue if there were any other kittens around.