Friday, June 8, 2007

annoying one

(Molly the annoying one and the handsome hunky Shadow)
When I was new here, these two kept bugging me. Always sniffing my butt and scaring me.
The smaller one I can't stand. She wants to be top cat and I feels that is my position. Besides she gets to play with that handsome boy cat all the time.
Molly always stares at me from mommys bed, she has that look like shes always top cat in mommys world. That's okay though I always stare right back at her and I have a louder meow than she does! Mommy always comes over to me and gives me pets and lovings after she gives em to Molly. I stare right at her and stick my tongue out. hehe
Shadow is sooooooo handsome!! He sometimes comes over to me and gives me kisses. Molly doesn't know this and it makes me giggle with joy.
Ooooooo mommy has something called chinese food, I gotta go beg!

1 comment:

Scout said...

I aLwAYS beg 4 FuD. I thnIk Momy gets a kickk oUt of it.