Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I gots all cuddly

I wokes mommy up earlys todays.

Not thats I wanted to eat but I wanted to cuddle with hers.

So I's snuck in all quiet likes and jumped on hers bed.

Molly wasn't theres so it was a good morning to do this.

I crawleds up against mommy and curled up nexts to her.

Mommy didn't wakes up yet, so I kneeds her leg.

Mommy then reacheds down and touched me!

I snuggleds into her some more and purrs very loud.

Her's makes me feels so happy when she pets me.

I heard her say OUCH so I knows that my kneeding woke her up.

Mommys must have fallen backs to sleep because she no longers was pettin me.

I quietlys got ups and waited for Nana's to feed me's.

Nana's is mommys mom, who is here for a shorts visit.

I like Nana's cuz she feeds me before mommys gets up.

And that bean that Nana's brought with hers feeds me my dinner when mommys is at work.

I really loves to make them feeds me.

All's I have to do is meow!


Pixie said...

'Naners are goooood!

Daisy said...

Pixie, Nana is a person. Not a bananer. Geesh!

Snuggling in bed with Mommie is the very best!

Scout said...

i has a nana too and she feedz me too!

but my favoryte thing is snuggles wif mommy!!

Scout said...

i nomunated you for an award. go see my post.

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Have a good time with Nana.