Friday, July 6, 2007

Its the little things

It's me Molly and I've come to take over the Table Trolls space for the day.

It was quiet here lately except for when Troll would meow like crazy.

I swear she can be so un cat like at times!

I wouldn't mind her so much except she always wants mom's attention.

The attention getter that she is doesn't even like cat nip.

What kind of cat are you when you don't like cat nip.

And look how she types, my fish friends could do better.

Mommy just told me I was being mean so I have to stop picking on the Troll.

Just this morning she tried to attack me, but did Mommy see that? Nooooooooo

So I had to slink off into the next room after the Troll hissed and reached out her un kept claws at me. Mommy said cut it out, but Im sure she was just talking to me. She always blames me.

Sometimes though I like to make the Troll upset and just swish my tail on by her as I walk into Mommy's room and sit on her bed.

I get really jealous when Mommy pays attention to Troll too. This is when I glare from my spot on either the bed or doorway, I hope that my evil look gets attention too!

Mommy just poured out some nip for Shadow and me. If I want to get some nip I have to go now, otherwise he is a fiend and eats it all!


Daisy said...

Hi Molly! I am sorry you and TT sometimes do not get along. I do not always get along with my sister Pixie. But I still love her.

Scout said...

i used ta have a brudder named boo radlee. he wint over da raynbow brige 3 yeers ago. i did not like him too much but i kinda miss the liddle vaarmint.